Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Development News - Erika Christensen to Play Female Lead in 'Will Trent'; 'Lopez vs. Lopez' Adds Laci Mosley; Plus 1 More Update!

Development News - April 20, 2022

ABC's The Son in Law & Will Trent; and NBC's Lopez vs. Lopez.

  • Evangeline Young will co-star on the comedy pilot starring Chris Sullivan and Reema Sampat. She previously recurred on ABC's Emergence.
  • She will play Charlotte Walton, Jake's (Sullivan) only child, a smart, tough and social-justice minded recent college graduate who is deeply in love with her boyfriend Ben, an EMT with whom she lives in a third story walk-up in the Bronx. Quirky, funny and strong-minded, Charlie is thrilled she has become pregnant, and will opt not to apply to law school and concentrate on just "being a mom." Needless to say, when her dad hears about her pregnancy and her plan, he's not a very happy camper, especially since Charlie and Ben haven't been together long, and Ben is so much older than Charlie.
  • Erika Christensen will play the female lead in the drama pilot starring Ramón Rodríguez. She previously starred for six seasons in NBC's Parenthood. She recently starred in the Disney+ film Cheaper by the Dozen.
  • She will play Angie, a detective with the Atlanta Police Department who has seen it all, but can still crack jokes about the bleak world of being a cop. She's also Will's (Rodríguez) on-again, off-again girlfriend. Friends with Will since they were both kids at a group foster home, they always helped take care of each other. Angie struggles with addiction and has yet to confront the dark traumas of her childhood.
  • Laci Mosley and Kiran Deol have been cast in the comedy pilot starring George Lopez and Mayan Lopez. Mosley currently stars in Paramount+'s iCarly, which is now airing its second season. Deol is a stand-up comedian who previously starred in NBC's one-season comedy Sunnyside.
  • Mosley will play Brookie, Mayan's (Mayan Lopez) co-worker and best friend who always knows what's trending.
  • Deol will play Dr. Pocha, the veterinarian who employs Mayan and Brookie. She is better at saving pets than talking to people.