Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Development News - Abhi Sinha to Co-Star on NBC's 'Blank Slate' Starring Matt Passmore and Floriana Lima; Plus 2 More Updates!

Development News - April 5, 2022

ABC's Not Dead Yet; CBS' Unplanned in Akron; and NBC's Blank Slate.

  • Abhi Sinha will co-star on the drama pilot starring Matt Passmore, Floriana Lima and Dave Annable. He previously recurred on Freeform's Chasing Life and CBS' The Young and the Restless.
  • He will play Cornelius Kepler, the tech specialist on Maya's (Lima) Homeland Security team who uses his advanced IT skills to get whatever information they need.
  • Josh Banday, Jessica St. Clair, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Angela Gibbs and Rick Glassman have been cast as series regulars in the comedy pilot starring Gina Rodriguez. Banday currently stars in Amazon's Upload, which released its second season in March. St. Clair co-created and starred in USA's Playing House, which ran for three seasons. Ellis recurs on FXX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Gibbs recurred on Netflix's On My Block and HBO Max's Hacks. Glassman currently stars in Amazon's As We See it, which released its first season in January 2022.
  • Banday will play Dennis, Nell's (Rodriguez) old friend, former roommate and now current boss. He used to be a nerd, but now is cool. He hired Nell because she is overqualified, desperate and introduced him to his husband.
  • St. Clair will play Annabel, an earthy, beautiful yoga studio owner and mom friend of Fiona. She is into mindfulness and healing but sometimes doesn't take her own centering advice. Nell's return makes her jealous, although she'd never admit it.
  • Ellis will play Fiona, Nell's best friend since childhood and into their partying 20s. Yin to each other's yang, Fiona always centered Nell while Nell brought out Fiona's fun side. Now that Nell's back, their lives are very different. Fiona has a seemingly perfect life with a husband and family that Nell envies. But Fiona's truth is she feels a little trapped in that life - something Nell can hopefully help shake up.
  • Gibbs will play Cricket, Nell's beautiful, free-spirited friend. Even though recently widowed, she lives in the moment, enjoying the life that is happening right now. She becomes newly single Nell's plus-one.
  • Glassman will play Edward, an uptight, smart environmental lawyer and Nell's landlord and roommate. A Stanford graduate, he is married and has a son who lives outside of the city. He spends weekends with them, but during the week is a thorn in Nell's side due to his inflexible house rules and commitment to recycling and the environment. But there is something sweet underneath his slightly superior exterior and he and Nell will come to realize they're more alike than they thought.
  • Katy Mixon, Christopher Gorham, Cree Cicchino and Connor Kalopsis will play the lead roles in the comedy pilot written by Schuyler Helford. Mixon previously starred for six seasons in CBS' Mike & Molly and five seasons in ABC's American Housewife. Gorham starred for five seasons in USA's Covert Affairs and two seasons in Netflix's Insatiable. Cicchino starred for two seasons in Netflix's Mr. Iglesias. Kalopsis starred in FOX's one-season comedies The Grinder and Outmatched.
  • Mixon will play Wendy, Tyler's mother, a barista at a coffee counter where Brianna works as a cashier. Supportive and pragmatic about her teen son's new fatherhood, she's not a coddler, but is fiercely protective of her family.
  • Gorham will play Jeff, Tyler's father. Loving and supportive, he's the parent Tyler gets his optimism from - a nice balance to his more skeptical wife Wendy. Jeff may be the pushover of the family, but he is also the heart.
  • Cicchino will play Brianna, sharp-witted, outspoken with very little censor. Emotionally mature beyond her years because she basically grew up playing "mom" to her four younger siblings, she now has an 8-month-old of her own. She and Tyler have an unbreakable bond and find each other hilarious.
  • Kalopsis will play Tyler, a fantastic dad, if not a little overprotective of his new daughter. Sweetly optimistic and occasionally naive, he's totally in love with Brianna and thinks she's way out of his league, so he feels like he's got the best partner he'll ever find.