Thursday, May 19, 2022

Amazon Announces Premiere Date for Limited Series 'Chloe' Starring Erin Doherty

Amazon has today announced the premiere date for the upcoming original limited series Chloe starring Erin Doherty.

All 6 episodes of the limited series will be available on Friday, June 24.

The series follows Becky Green (Doherty), who is obsessed with stalking her childhood friend Chloe Fairbourne's perfectly curated social media presence. Chloe's charmed life, adoring husband, and circle of high-achieving friends are always just a click away, and Becky can't resist peering into a world that contrasts so starkly with her own, as she cares for her mother, who has early onset dementia. When Chloe suddenly dies, Becky assumes a new identity and infiltrates the enviable lives of Chloe's closest friends to find out what happened to her. Through her alter-ego Sasha, Becky becomes a powerful, transgressive heroine; a popular, well-connected "someone" with a life - and loves - that are far more exciting and addictive than the "no one" she is as Becky. However, the pretense soon obscures and conflates reality, and she discovers Chloe's real life had not been nearly as perfect as it was portrayed online. As Becky gets deeper into her con, and Chloe's inner circle, she risks losing herself completely in the game she is playing.

In addition to Doherty, the series stars Poppy Gilbert, Billy Howle, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Jack Farthing and Brandon Michael Hall.

Alice Seabright created and directed the series. She executive produces with Tally Garner, Morven Reid and Ben Irving. Amazon Studios, BBC Studios and Mam Tor Productions produce.