Thursday, May 5, 2022

REVIEW: 'Girls5Eva' - A Record Deal Changes Priorities for Girls5Eva Even to Great Personal Harm in 'Album Mode'

Peacock's Girls5Eva - Episode 2.01 "Album Mode"

When Girls5Eva lands a record deal, Dawn, Wickie, Summer and Gloria discover how much they're willing to sacrifice for the opportunity.

"Album Mode" was written by Meredith Scardino and directed by Jeff Richmond

Girls5Eva has momentum. That's reflected in their new song, aptly titled "We Have Momentum." The group is eager to capitalize on that. They've been signed to a record company as well. They are on the debut slate of Property Records, which is founded by Property Brothers siblings Drew and Jonathan Scott. That only further clarifies the absurd comedy of this world. It's fun and amusing. Plus, the characters only amplify it further by buying into the absurdity of each and every situation. They have to if they are going to make it as a girl group once more. Each development is essential on that road to success. Along the way, they have to reckon with what made them great in the first place. They didn't achieve fame decades ago because of their bond or talents. They want to prove Larry wrong. He scammed their way into the business. He's continually a thorn in their side trying to represent the cutthroat aspect of this world. The group doesn't want to buy into that mentality. It's hard to resist at times. A lot is riding on them continuing to build on this momentum they've achieved. They succeeded in their goal to perform at the Jingle Ball. That impressed people. It created a memorable moment. They have to strike while the iron is still hot. They have to be completely focused on crafting their new album. They can't be distracted by anything. Of course, their lives are much more complicated than that. They can't operate with blinders on. They need to be aware of concerns elsewhere in their lives. Succeeding as a girl group is important to Dawn, Wickie, Summer and Gloria. The pursuit of that dream can't come at the expense of their health and well-being. Gloria does a death drop in the hopes it will impress the room of executives deciding which musical act to promote. She succeeds in grabbing that attention. The group always does just enough to suggest legitimacy in their momentum. They are deserving of more in this business. They aren't always appreciated. They believe they have to jeopardize what matters to them in order to get ahead. They have made mistakes along the way. They can't repeat those same pattern. They fear they are doing exactly that in letting Gloria suffer through the pain of a destroyed knee. It's better for her to have the joint completely replaced. That would conflict with the schedule laid out for Girls5Eva. They have to work fiercely right now. They can't delay their relaunch. That offers no guarantees that people will still be around to support them. It's all pure agony for the group.

Empathy does win out in the end. It always does. The friendships are more important than the fame. Of course, the women are all continually chasing that high too. They want to reclaim their former glory. They want to do so better than before. It's annoying whenever Larry pops up to burst their collective bubble. He wants them to live in reality and not the fantasy he once created. That wasn't healthy for them. They are each trying to make better decisions now. The world has changed in so many ways. It's not crazy for a group of middle age women to try to achieve pop stardom. They have fans. That support is so crucial. It's necessary to buy into the entire argument. It then makes it fun seeing how delusional the characters can be from time to time as well. That's mostly exemplified through Wickie. She is the outlandish diva who always has extreme reactions. She asks Tim Meadows and Joey Sasso out on dates just so she can dump them. That's a way for her to maintain power and control. It makes her feel good. It's not healthy. She builds up the potential of these relationships even though they are complete strangers. It's access afforded to her because she is given the approval of being named a celebrity. She has strived for that goal. It has now been attained. Meanwhile, Dawn wants the other moms at Max's school to communicate their scheduling needs with Scott. He is the parent more aware of what is going on in the toddler's life. It shouldn't just be expected of Dawn to manage it all simply because she's the mother. She embodies feminism now. She points out this flawed behavior in others. She hopes for the best. The temptation is always there for it to go terribly awry. Dawn isn't even shocked by it anymore. This has simply become her life. This is what she wants. She is invigorated by writing songs. Her friends encourage her talents. Scott is there to support her no matter what she needs. The group needs time though. Gloria must have surgery. She has to recover afterwards too. Property Records allows them that opportunity. It's a precarious situation because the group believes they have to say yes to everything. This new dynamic is much less restrictive than their past employment contracts. It's a strange and new experience. It's one that may bring out the best in all of them. It may also allow them to relax into the comfort of this inevitably being attainable for them. That may not always be the case. And so, they have to keep working even if "album mode" shouldn't take priority over "human mode" for the friends.