Thursday, May 26, 2022

REVIEW: 'Girls5Eva' - Wickie Yearns to Win At Everything Even When Dawn Wants a Solo of Personal Significance in 'B.P.E.'

Peacock's Girls5Eva - Episode 2.06 "B.P.E."

Dawn and Wickie vie for the same solo on the album. Gloria and Summer attempt to clean up their pasts by tracking down copies of an old prank show they made for "Lifetime Raw."

"B.P.E." was written by Sam Means & Taylor Cox and directed by Linda Mendoza

Girls5Eva is almost done with their album. As such, the label is already making plans for the launch. However, the label isn't dictating what the group has to do. Some suggestions have certainly been made. Tate requires a love song to be present. Dawn finally cracked that in the previous episode. And now, he also needs them to clean up their social medias in order to prevent any scandal from resurfacing. Of course, it was incredibly unlikely that footage from the prank show Dawn, Gloria and Summer did would somehow be discovered. The guy they pranked in every episode has to go looking for the copy of the pilot he received for doing it. This interaction is more than just financial though. It informs how the actions the group took in the past actually had a real impact on people. Only three of the girls filmed this show for Lifetime Raw. It was after Wickie tried going solo and Ashley joined another group. And yet, it's up to Gloria and Summer to reckon with the past. The show itself has been very referential about how awkward and bad this particular era of stardom was. So much misogyny surrounded the group. They had to play into it or risk losing their jobs. That was still the ultimate outcome. They only had fame for a brief moment. They accomplished a lot during their time in the spotlight. They were constantly booking projects hoping to capitalize on this mild success. They are essentially following the same principle now. However, life has evolved in the years since then. People are more aware of the dynamics that dictate society. Disgusting and despicable men were coddled for far too long. Women weren't believed. And now, Girls5Eva gets to serve as a new vessel for female empowerment. They do so awkwardly. They aren't exactly the perfect role models. They can each be very self-involved. And yet, no one is perfect. People make mistakes. That's been on display throughout these two seasons. The group can't deny that. It only dawns on Gloria once she sees what she was subjected to. These women fondly look back on the past. However, it all plays differently when there is an actual recording. The prank show was a mess from the very beginning. Gloria seeing how men treated her as nothing more than an object allows her to see the damage she inflicted on people too. She was in pain and took that out on others. Sure, blowing up her car isn't really a prank. It's a simple release of the energy that has built up within people for years. It's all being let go before Girls5Eva steps into the spotlight once more. They have the opportunity to succeed. Now, they just need confidence that can only come from reckoning with what they once had.

Girls5Eva is determined to be stars. They perform because they are passionate about it. It's an enviable career. They want this success. They need to pursue these dreams. No one can deter them. They are capable of capturing the attention of the world again. That's in contrast to Scott. He is just as talented at singing. However, it's something he just needs to do for fun. So many people in this world can sing. That doesn't inherently make them special. It takes a willingness to pursue that particular path knowing how difficult it will be to break out. Wickie is always demanding that attention. She commands it in such a powerful way. She takes ahold of every opportunity to riff. Dawn doesn't operate like that. She has to write what she wants in another language entirely to ensure no one else can see it. Of course, she's just as competitive as her friends. She wants this solo. She wants to step up to the microphone and blow everyone away. She believes she has earned that role as well. It's not something she should take for herself. Instead, it's better for everyone else to acknowledge how perfect it would be for her. They want to give it to her. Wickie doesn't ask for permission. She performs because she loves the energy of cheering fans. She has to win no matter what. This competitive edge was implanted on her from a young age. She vowed never to lose after coming in second during Star Search. It was all random. The winner was dictated by what the show needed in order to succeed. It wasn't based on the talent involved. Everyone can recognize that Wickie is a phenomenal singer. That has never been in question. That's not the sole quality that dictates who is successful. Plenty of people cheer when Scott gets behind the mic. He is entertaining as well. That doesn't inform his self-worth. That's how Wickie is wired though. She needs to constantly be winning. She can't just share in a moment of fun with her friends. She has to be doing the most. Of course, this show delights in depicting how extreme these characters can be. Their reactions are so funny in that way. However, it's just as joyous to watch Dawn and Wickie performing together. They are graciously sharing the mic. This moment is just about them. Sure, Scott is there too. He can join in on the fun. It doesn't matter. Wickie can let loose. Dawn can have the solo if she wants it. In fact, she is more than capable of taking the spotlight in a number of songs she has written. Wickie demands to be the center of attention all the time. And yet, her friends are talented too. They deserve to shine throughout this entire journey. It takes true compassion and empathy to make that happen. It joyously does in the final moment around the piano.