Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Development News - Nadine Velazquez, Annie Funke, Nabeel Muscatwalla and Ava Lalezarzadeh Join HBO Max's 'Wild Life'

Development News - June 21, 2022

HBO Max's Wild Life

  • Nadine Velazquez, Annie Funke, Nabeel Muscatwalla, Ava Lalezarzadeh, Brielle Barbusca, Cyrus Arnold, Jessi Case, Chrystal Campbell and Beau Minniear have been cast as series regulars on the comedy pilot starring Isabella Alvarez.
  • Velazquez (Queens) will play Ciara's (Alvarez) mother, who is trying to navigate the new world of being a single parent.
  • Funke (The Offer) will play Bev, the program director at the New Dawn Animal Sanctuary.
  • Muscatwalla (Good Trouble) will play Adesh, nicknamed Ponzi by his classmates after being caught running a Ponzi scheme at Eastwood High School.
  • Lalezarzadeh (The Pursuit) will play Ally, a hyper-competitive student with a need to succeed.
  • Barbusca (Scandal) will play Teal, a disorganized, anxious and frantic student.
  • Arnold (8-Bit Christmas) will play Hackett, a highly sensitive and soft-spoken gentle giant who wouldn't even harm a spider.
  • Case (Mother's Day) will play Kaci, Ciara's nemesis since childhood.
  • Campbell will play Kelz, an overconfident diva with an inflated sense of worth.
  • Minniear will play Nino, the high school bad boy who always shows up late to class.