Thursday, June 9, 2022

REVIEW: 'Girls5Eva' - The Opportunity to Tour Forces Girls5Eva to Evaluate What They Need in Their Lives in 'Tour Mode'

Peacock's Girls5Eva - Episode 2.08 "Tour Mode"

As Girls5Eva competes to be the opening act on Collab's world tour, the women grapple with the feasibility of leaving New York.

"Tour Mode" was written by Meredith Scardino & Sam Nulman and directed by Kimmy Gatewood

Is the timing right for Girls5Eva to go on tour? Across two seasons, the group has worked to make this a reality. They've produced a new album. And now, they are eager to perform the songs throughout the world. This is exactly what it means when they said they wanted their dreams to come true. It simply comes into conflict with the reality of tour life. Can they physically embark on this venture? They have the talent and skills to do so easily. When they are onstage, it's absolutely magical. People aren't eager to sit in a crowd and watch an opening act. It's even more annoying here because Collab is auditioning for that coveted spot. That's how aspirational Girls5Eva can be at this moment. They aren't dreaming of their own tour. They simply want to be associated with another group that has success that can hopefully transfer onto them. And yes, they do gain new fans during this audition. However, that's not what the label wanted from them. They weren't looking for the best opening act to keep the audience in their seats and excited for every facet of the show. Property Records is nothing more than an extension of the Property Brothers franchise. It's a way for Drew and Jonathan Scott to make money. It's simply a delivery mechanism for their branded items to be sold. Those items will be available at each venue. As such, it's more appealing when an act flops and forces people into the lobby to buy those concessions. That's what the business has become at this specific moment. The Property Brothers are turning out a lot of content. They even joke about having to film 800 episodes of their titular show. It's not even what their own dreams are anymore. Now, it's nothing more than a way for them to be famous and wealthy. They pursue new opportunities to diversify their portfolios. It's still all about the money. Gloria manages to beat that out of them. It's absolutely outrageous. It was funny when one of the brothers was more excited to show a reel of his fighting skills. That showcases how centered around this duo this truly is. It's not a label meant to promote the artists signed to make content. It's what can boost sales for the things these two have a vested interest in. Dawn fears for the worst. The group is being judged because they are older women. They speak to a very specific audience. However, that niche has a ton of fans. A few thousand streams of the album is all it takes to excite the group. That's the confirmation they have made it once more. It may be small in the grand scheme of things. It's also so exciting because it showcases the pure talent. Everyone is eager to show that off. They won't let anything hold them back. They will tour even if it's all on them to figure out where their fans are and what they need to provide for them.

This finale builds to Girls5Eva leaving New York City for Fort Worth. They don't know what their second destination will be. They only learn of their pockets of fame from Lil Stinker, who is trying to rebrand himself after cancellation. They are inspired to discover the path out there. That remains a reality. Moreover, they don't have to compromise themselves in any way in order to obtain that vision. Dawn worries she can't do the tour because she's pregnant. Wickie actively tries to sabotage the prospects because she's in love with Sheawn. Gloria believes she will succumb to sexual temptation if she doesn't commit to moving in now with Caroline. And finally, Summer doesn't have anyone who can look after Stevia. All of these issues weigh on the group. They can be overcome though. Dawn isn't too old to be having another baby. She doesn't have to worry as much as all the pamphlets tell her she should. All of that information was designed in another time. Dawn has many more options now that can provide her with the precise health care she needs. She can be happy about the pregnancy and the tour. She doesn't have to sacrifice anything. Similarly, Wickie isn't saying goodbye forever to Sheawn. She has fallen hard for him. She is even willing to be seen in public with him. He's such a strange man. However, the love is genuine. He never wants to dim her light. He knows she needs to pursue this tour. It's the only way others can praise her as the star she is. Plus, they can stay in contact every step of the way. They won't be absent from each other's lives whatsoever. With Gloria, it's all about her having the conviction to be honest with her partner. She wanted to reunite with Caroline so badly. She held onto that view so fiercely that she avoided every other desire. She has regrets about that. She believes it's foolish to walk away after getting exactly what she wanted. It's what Summer has been telling her to do. She can't hide and fear for the worst. She would always be putting so much pressure on herself while agonizing other every little detail. Gloria should have the freedom to have some fun on tour. Summer deserves that as well. She shouldn't have to sacrifice her happiness because no one else is responsible enough to care for her child. Summer has grown. She is still immature a lot of the time. She is barely present in her daughter's life. That hasn't been a big deal at all. So, it's perfectly reasonable for Kev to step up and serve in this role. He too is capable of growing up. And so, all of these problems come to easy resolutions by the conclusion of the season. Even then, it's delightful to watch as the show calls back to its many jokes when the group heads off on this new venture. It continues to showcase the upward trajectory of Girls5Eva. And then, "B.P.E." plays in its entirety over the end credits, which remains such a joyous anthem to come out of this season.