Monday, June 20, 2022

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Michael Finds a Kindred Spirit as Maria Adjusts to a Lack of Visions in 'Subterranean Homesick Alien'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 4.03 "Subterranean Homesick Alien"

Liz, Max, Michael and Cameron put a plan into action that could finally get them a step closer to catching Bonnie and Clyde. Maria is hiding her recent lack of visions. Kyle has a date.

"Subterranean Homesick Alien" was written by Joel Thompson & Leah Longoria and directed by America Young

For a moment, Max pretended to be Jones again in order to gain access to Clyde and his triad's plans for Earth. It didn't work. These aliens have a disparaging view towards the clone. He is a lesser version of their God. They came to Earth to enact Jones' grand plan. They are devoted to the mission. However, they can't simply be seen as a retread of a story that has already happened. This show already has plenty of that - i.e. Mimi DeLuca going missing again. It presents as this ensemble being incapable of ever escaping the drama and finding peace in their lives in Roswell. Instead, they can only take a few moments where they accept the peace and clarity around them. That's all they may need in order to feel fulfilled. Shivani only needs an extra moment to stare at a picture of her family before looking at the discovery her team has made. Liz doesn't have to immediately rush over to the oil field to help propel the investigation forward. She trusts Shivani. That has to be earned quickly. It's mostly done through Shivani talking openly about the existence of aliens and the technological developments that have already occurred as a result. Liz has always been seen at the forefront of that exploration. She has easy access to a lab that helps her make those massive discoveries. That environment has been invaded too. Sure, it places importance onto Jones once more. That story isn't done. It wasn't concluded when Liz severed the tie between Max and Jones. Max's body is still dealing with the side effects. He feels his powers being amplified. He has no idea how to control them either. That leaves him incapable of helping his friends in the field when they face off with these new threats. He lacks that control. He has to find the careful balance between his powers and everything else of value in his world. Liz helps guide him along that path. She grounds him. She seeks out that quality elsewhere. It's perfectly healthy. But again, it's a change from how these friends have always behaved with one another. Plus, it's still a big deal that Jones' body has been taken. These aliens already have a firm understanding of the environment they've landed in. They know exactly where to look for the items they need to carry out their plan. It's moved much more quickly for them than the protagonists. Of course, some of them are still in turmoil due to the cost of these secrets. Isobel wants to protect Anatsa. In doing so, she only destroyed their relationship. She's riddled with guilt over invading her mind. It didn't do anything either. Anatsa is still determined to get the truth about the bank heist. Instead of pulling her in closer with the truth, Isobel pushes her way because things have changed so dramatically recently that neither of them know how to properly handle it.

All of this makes Michael's enlightenment more inspiring. Yes, the season started with him once again having doubts about where he belonged. He still feels that way. The things that once carried so much meaning to him have to evolve as well. He has to open his world up to so many possibilities. No one receives any clarity as to what's happened to Alex. Instead, the ensemble is focused on the immediate mission of stopping Bonnie and Clyde. They want difficult conclusions though. Upon a personal interaction, Michael sees how torn Bonnie is. She too is yearning for a place to belong. The rest of her triad operates with absolute certainty. They view her as a liability who can easily get distracted. She wants to treat this as a loving vacation. They get to experience a new planet for the first time. Their lives suddenly behave differently. She gains newfound personal insight. That includes the introduction of music. That's invigorating. It's a blessing Michael can give to her. He has genuine compassion in trying to help her. Yet he also has a larger purpose of stopping her triad. He wants to present as an ally in order to gain information of what they're doing exactly. It's a way for Max and Liz to prepare themselves for what comes next. That has to be a priority for all involved. It can't come at the expense of what means so much to them. They've already dealt with massive consequences to their lives. Maria is no longer dying as a result of her powers. Liz and Kyle cured her. However, they probably took her abilities away too. As such, she feels aimless because her friends rely on her to provide clues through what she could see. She had access to the past. So many mysteries were unlocked because of information she could provide. Of course, physical relics of that time still exist in the present-day. Dallas presents a new way of looking for information. It's not as easy. It still produces the same results. That's beneficial too. It still has value. Maria also has to give herself time to mourn what she has lost. She has to be patient as she adapts to what her life is now like. She can't make foolish mistakes in the hopes of gaining what she once had. That's not healthy for her. It could still lead to a premature death. She has friends who care about her. They want to help her through this difficult time. She isn't keeping it all to herself. Her bond with Dallas could be perceived as having romantic undertones. That development hasn't occurred yet. It's possible. This world is full of those opportunities. The ensemble just has to grab ahold of them. That's difficult when so much is distracting because of the perceived immediate nature of those threats.