Sunday, July 3, 2022

REVIEW: 'Dark Winds' - A Shootout Reveals How Little the Tribal Police Know About Each Other's Motives in 'Hooghandi'

AMC's Dark Winds - Episode 1.04 "Hooghandi"

Leaphorn suspects all of the crimes on the reservation are related. There is a big break in the case. Leaphorn invites Chee over for dinner. Manuelito makes a discovery of her own.

"Hooghandi" was written by Billy Luther and directed by Sanford Bookstaver

Agent Whitover suspected the Buffalo Society of pulling off the bank heist. And now, Chee delivers the evidence proving it. It's solid work that simply hinges on the name of Sally's abuser. Emma genuinely wants to help this young woman feel safe in a world of so many threats. It's not the proper response according to Leaphorn. Sally would be better at a shelter. She provides the crucial details that help connect everything together amongst all the cases. This is an incredibly tight-knit community. All it takes is recognizing the clues to see how the various lives intersect. Manuelito happens to be in the right place at the right time during the fateful confrontation. That's informed by her realizing Raymond unearthed a clue from the lake even though he was killed before completing the job. The Buffalo Society proclaims the Indigenous community needs to fight back to reclaim the land that once belonged to them. They are purchasing the land rights to the properties outside investors want for the minerals found underneath. It's all done with that noble goal. They also embrace violence in order to achieve that. It doesn't matter who they kill along the way either. As such, it can no longer be seen as a genuine fight against the oppressive ways of this country. Instead, it's simply embracing the same tactics in the hopes of producing a different result. People have to be killed if they stand in the way of this objective. That doesn't apply to the Mormon family for some reason. They are left to linger in a pit. They are made to suffer. The Indigenous people who stumbled upon the truth have to be eliminated right away. They serve as a threat to the master plan. This violence is informed by a desire to retake this country. And yet, they are targeting the very people they want to uplift through all this violence. It's a complex circle that only ensures further destruction of what is so sacred on this land. The Indigenous population has inherent rights. However, outside influences are always coming in with some reason to explain why this land isn't as valuable as everyone has always perceived it as. Companies can earn from mining the precious resources. The workers have to settle for the measly wages of doing the job. They don't get to take this discovery and build on it to support future generations. Instead, people are fighting to maintain the culture they already have. It's sacred when people talk about their clans. The pain is felt when people listen to tales of abuse and suffering. Leaphorn attended a religious school that fought to strip his identity away. He stands proudly as the man he is today looking over this land. He still carries so many hardships.

At first, this episode promises to bring everyone closer together as a community. They can rely on each other and grow together. Leaphorn trusts Chee enough to drive the truck and come over for dinner. Laughter returns to the Leaphorn home for the first time in years. For too long, they've wallowed in the misery of losing a son. Chee can't replace Joe Jr. He fits into the same mold of what this family once had. And so, Leaphorn falls right back into that pattern. It's a way of him flexing control and influence over this dynamic. He has neither really. Instead, he can only depend on his job. Even there, he is losing power as well. It may not be as nefarious as Chee always planning on betraying the tribal police. He had a job to do as an FBI agent. He was privy to information that the local officials didn't have. That was a benefit for how he conducted himself on the job. He is eager to move up to something better within the bureau. He still felt connected to this community. It reminded him of his past. Plus, he found people who were willing to invite him in. He was invested in their lives too. He found the potential for growth on this land. He didn't have to go searching elsewhere for that fulfillment. That's still the role he is expected to play. He can easily fall right back into the pattern as well. That simply sets him up to clash with Leaphorn. They need each other when it comes to the gun fight. Manuelito is ultimately the one who saves the day. They arrest the fugitive the FBI has long sought out. That may offer conclusion to their interest in this case. It's much more complicated than the vested interests of this one man. Everyone has to look much wider to uncover the truth. That also forces them to reckon with who they are in this precise moment. Everyone is torn about their place in this world. Leaphorn is isolated in every element of his life. He pushes his loved ones away because things aren't happening how he wants. That's how he lashes out. He has always been solid on the job. But now, Chee is the one in command. He's the one setting the terms for the fugitive's arrest and transfer. Meanwhile, Manuelito is devastated upon learning her boss and partner have been lying to her. She was kept in the dark. Leaphorn and Chee knew they had to tell her the truth about Chee being an FBI agent. They never got around to that. Instead, it's just blurted out in the most inconvenient way. No one has any time to process anything. That's how constantly this world is changing. It's all meant to be grounding. This land serves as a connection to the history of the Indigenous community. And now, that value is being destroyed because certain egos are requiring more attention. They've become delusional with the thought that their actions can reshape the geopolitical future of this country.