Thursday, July 7, 2022

Emmy Predictions 2022 - Which Programs Will Likely Be Nominated for Limited or Anthology Series?

From June 16-27, 2022, voting took place for The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. As such, it's fun to look at which actors and shows have the best chances of actually being nominated this year. So, these are my predictions for which programs will be nominated for Limited or Anthology Series.

Programs most likely to be nominated:
  1. Hulu's The Dropout
  2. Netflix's Maid
  3. Hulu's Dopesick
  4. HBO's The White Lotus
  5. HBO Max's The Staircase
Serious threats that could break through:
  1. FX's Under the Banner of Heaven
  2. HBO's Scenes From a Marriage
  3. Paramount+'s 1883
  4. AppleTV+'s WeCrashed
  5. Starz's Gaslit
  6. FX's Impeachment: American Crime Story
  7. Showtime's The First Lady
  8. HBO Max's Station Eleven
  9. Hulu's The Girl From Plainville
  10. FX's American Horror Story: Double Feature
  11. Hulu's Pam & Tommy
  12. Netflix's Inventing Anna
  13. Netflix's Midnight Mass
Some considerable long-shots:
  1. Disney+'s Moon Knight
  2. Showtime's Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber
  3. AppleTV+'s Lisey's Story
  4. Paramount+'s The Offer
  5. AppleTV+'s The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey
  6. HBO's We Own This City
  7. Amazon's A Very British Scandal
  8. Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal
  9. Peacock's Dr. Death
  10. AppleTV+'s The Essex Serpent
  11. FX's American Horror Stories
  12. HBO's Landscapers
  13. HBO Max's Love Life
Colorful oddities that still have an outside chance:
  1. AppleTV+'s The Shrink Next Door
  2. NBC's The Thing About Pam
  3. ABC's Women of the Movement
  4. Peacock's Angelyne
  5. AppleTV+'s Roar
  6. HBO Max's DMZ
  7. Hulu's Candy
  8. Netflix's Colin in Black & White
  9. Peacock's Joe vs. Carole
  10. Netflix's True Story
  11. National Geographic's The Hot Zone: Anthrax
  12. Netflix's The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window
  13. Hulu's Conversations with Friends

The nominations for The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards will be announced on Tuesday, July 12.