Sunday, July 3, 2022

REVIEW: 'Evil' - David Witnesses Angels and Demons While on a Highway in the Middle of the Night in 'The Demon of the Road'

Paramount+'s Evil - Episode 3.04 "The Demon of the Road"

The team encounters a truck driver whose wife thinks he is possessed and explores the possibility of a demon haunting the highway.

"The Demon of the Road" was written by Dewayne Darian Jones and directed by Peter Sollett

Even in the cases where the accessors can understand how something physically happened, demonic influences may still be present. Ben needs to believe in a world with practical explanations. He was haunted by the video seemingly depicting an angel. He couldn't solve it himself. Joining a group of like-minded individuals, he came to realize it was nothing more than an app filter. That brought him peace. That's what he needed in order to center himself once more. He needs that to keep doing this job. Otherwise, it would drag him down into such a depressive state. The team needs him right now too. He has to provide the practical understanding of a stretch of highway being haunted. David has a completely different experience when he's out there by himself. Kristen is also terrified by what lurks in the darkness. It's scary. No one wants to fall into the tropes of the horror genre. They've seen enough horror movies to know these situations don't typically work out for people like them. They still have to find answers. Ben can pinpoint a precise frequency that creates the unsettling feeling in this specific area. That's used as the explanation for so much of the perils associated with this case. The story mostly shifts away from the couple who originally introduce the concept to David. They are dealing with lingering effects. However, the priority is the mystery on the highway. That's what the accessors have to investigate. They stumble upon a superstition amongst the trucker community. However, those long-haul drivers aren't the only people traveling this road. Kristen, David and Ben feel the impact every time they travel through the specific markers. Their first instinct of suspecting a drone capable of hacking into the technology in the vehicle was proven correct. Nothing in the story had to be more complicated than that. That's the world Ben understands. As such, he can close this case completely. He can move onto the next without being haunted by some lingering question. Instead, that fate falls onto David. He walks away with an understanding that more tragedy happened here. He can doubt his visions of demons and angels. To Sister Andrea, it's a blessing that he has received God's protection. He still carries his doubts. He still feels the temptation that threatens to take him elsewhere. That may never go away. He's a part of this fight whether he likes it or not. It's only been amplified following his ordination. Andrea can support those signs. David has to show his support as well. He rallies behind Andrea as she faces a tribunal of priests who want her to retire. They're provoked by Leland. She sees the scheme. She knows the demonic influence. She won't back down. That's how steadfast she remains.

However, David has to carry the burden of knowing what happened in the woods after he and his fellow accessors left. Victor came in and killed the man responsible for this terror. He executed that punishment because this man represented one of the demonic families. He carried the sigil. That lineage is now gone because the responsibility hasn't been passed onto another. Victor put a stop to that. David receives this clarity because he is a friend of the Vatican. That provides him with this insight. It's still absolutely horrifying. The context David approached the case offered a peaceful resolution. Kristen terrorizing the man and destroying his equipment was enough. To the Catholic Church, the conspiracy ran much deeper. David is aware of part of it. That knowledge may place a wedge between him and his fellow accessors. That's why he needs Andrea's wisdom and guidance. He needs that certainty. David isn't the only one with doubts. Human behavior is so tricky and complicated. People reflect on the moments that led to the present. They still are at a loss over how to influence the future. The demons seem so certain. They are set in their ways. They can strike at any moment. Anyone could potentially be a target. No one should receive ultimate protection. Andrea doesn't determine what she sees. She simply must absorb the information and do something about it. She doesn't make many allies that way. She still has a powerful one in David. He and his team know how dangerous Leland is. He can't be trusted. Of course, Kristen questions how she became so independent and whether she's setting a good example for her daughters. She relies on Sheryl's insight and what informed her parenting decisions. Sheryl was never worried about her daughter's safety when she became interested in climbing. Kristen had found a passion. She was going to pursue that no matter what. It stuck because she wanted it to and not because she was rebelling against her mother. So much of this is presented in the context of Kristen being physical and aggressive with people. It's fascinating because she wants her daughters to see. She also wields her power in ways that demand attention. Ben and David see a difference. They don't stop her when she takes out her aggression on the drone equipment. It's simply what needs to be done. She won't allow anyone to take advantage of her simply because she doesn't have a man around to protect her. Andy doesn't speak for the family. Kristen carries that responsibility. It's a burden sometimes. Her daughters want to make her cooler than she actually is. She embraces that identity from time to time. It's liberating to her even though it's absolutely terrifying to anyone on the receiving end of her vengeance.