Sunday, July 31, 2022

REVIEW: 'Evil' - Kristen's Faith in David Is Tested As He Questions the Game the Entity Makes Him Play in 'The Demon of Parenthood'

Paramount+'s Evil - Episode 3.08 "The Demon of Parenthood"

The team responds to reports of possessed toys and electronics originating from a store. David is tasked with retrieving a hidden message that may be the key to saving the prophet Grace Ling.

"The Demon of Parenthood" was written by Sarah Acosta and directed by Aisha Tyler

All of this is just some elaborate game. That's what David says to Victor LeConte in complete bafflement to his latest request. It all seems completely random and trivial. David is told his actions can help save Grace Ling's life. He has no idea how it all connects. He tries his best to infer what's going on. Even then, he's taking a huge risk without having all the facts. That's where the power of his faith comes in. He truly believes he is doing God's work. As such, he is protected in all that he does. The emergency case the accessors get is almost completely pointless. A toy store doesn't need answers as to what's going on with the seemingly possessed items. It's all about delivering a message to David. When that turns out to be inaccurate, another attempt has to be made. David is aware of what's being asked of him. He has to advocate for the greater good as well. Victor LeConte asks David to trust him with all that he must do. They are both servants of the church. They simply serve in different ways. David can deliver the sanctity of the holy sacraments. Meanwhile, Victor appears to use the imagery of the church in order to advance his own secret agenda. Of course, the accessors have long wanted the church at large to show a greater interest in the various mysteries they've uncovered across the series. Kristen is only now getting answers to what happened at RSM Fertility. That causes more personal devastation for her when she's already started to question how much she can trust David. And then, it all ends in epic tragedy. That seems like a major pronouncement of how corrosive the forces of evil have become in this world. It may all be an indictment of Kristen's strength in fighting back too. She also questions if everything that has happened with the church has been an elaborate scheme. If Leland got close to her in order to groom Lexis, then she worries the church did the exact same thing. The cases gave her the insight to question things happening within her own family. This conspiracy took root in her life long before she accepted this job. She can't leave either. She needs the money. The church needs the expertise she brings to the field. Of course, Ben is the one to discover the toys have simply been relaying messages from the Chinese labor camps where they were made. That revelation allows David to be honest about the ongoing work to free Grace. He shares that with his fellow accessors. They are entitled to the truth. He needs them to know how much he cares about them. And yet, his faith in God stands above all else. That is absolutely clear to him now. He has trust in his ability to make a difference. He may undersell his contribution to the endeavor. His actions have been noticed. That recognition is important. That shows how the game has to be played in this particular way sometimes. It may be strange. The end results should be gratifying for those who want the forces of good to prevail.

Throughout all of this though, the forces of evil continue to weave their way through the lives of those most eager to have clarity over what they want. Leland tells his patients to call out to be possessed by demons. He labels it as therapy when it's all just advancing his own nefarious ambitions. It's a way to tempt Kurt even further. Not everything goes exactly as Leland has long planned. Sheryl even doubts his guidance after taking Lexis to meet the Manager. Lexis is suppose to be the next generation of demonic influence amongst the families. And yet, she cannot see the Manager in his true form. Instead, they share pleasantries as if nothing more is going on. Sheryl believes this could disprove Leland's notion of Lexis' importance. It could also suggest that there is still time to save her from that ultimate fate. Kristen worries about her. She starts having dreams about George once more. She is no longer the target of his harassment though. Instead, Kristen sees George bringing Lexis closer as she is fully susceptible to his influence. These dreams serve as a key indicator of what Kristen feels at the moment. She understands how they represent the messages that lurk in her subconscious. She tells Valerie there's nothing to worry about from her dream about fire and not being able to save her daughter. It's simply a heightened reality brought on by the changing hormones. Kristen immediately becomes a part of this family. She's not suing for joint custody. She's certainly thrown by the realization her egg was fertilized and implanted. That provides even more weight to her lawsuit against RSM Fertility. The conclusion of this story is Valerie's death though. Logan approached Kristen also worried about something being wrong. Kristen could have read more into that. He heard growling instead of a heartbeat. Again, this all suggests something devious going on within these fertility treatments. Kristen wonders if these genetic scientists have been targeting what's responsible for empathy in humans. Every case connected to this place seems to have that in common. Ben calms her by saying she is a good mother and Lexis is a good girl. She may be worrying over nothing. It's still a life of unknowns. She is told she needs to help Valerie in her time of need. When she arrives at the house, she only sees the carnage of a murder. Logan acted in the name of helping his wife. Instead, he brought a lethal conclusion to their story together. It means Kristen's family won't expand. That's a reality she had to accept. She did so only to be tortured even further. That's the perpetual cycle. As such, she needs to lean on Ben and David for support. They are the only ones who can help her target these forces against her family. They still barely know the extent of the threat. That remains ominous especially as the season builds to its pivotal conclusion.