Tuesday, July 12, 2022

REVIEW: 'Only Murders in the Building' - Charles and Lucy Reunite as New Building Secrets Are Unlocked in 'Here's Looking at You...'

Hulu's Only Murders in the Building - Episode 2.04 "Here's Looking at You..."

Charles, Oliver and Mabel welcome an unexpected young visitor who reveals hidden secrets about the inner workings of the Arconia. We also discover Charles once recorded a hit song that was huge in Germany.

"Here's Looking at You..." was written by Valentina Garza & Rachel Burger and directed by Jude Weng

Charles, Oliver and Mabel have been pulled back into a murder investigation. They are being framed and feel compelled to clear their good names. They have so much more going on in their lives as well. As a result, the podcast can be a distraction from what they should be focusing on. Of course, it's perfectly reasonable for them to be engaged with this new mystery. They have a certain reputation to uphold in the building. They have to find out who really killed Bunny. It's personal for them because the police already view them as persons of interest. They seemingly have the motive and opportunity to kill her. They pursue other leads. They have received no further follow-up from the police. They don't know how the official investigation is going. They don't even know how the rival podcast is doing. They simply have to keep their eyes on this further examination of the Arconia. They've already uncovered so many secrets in this building. That's only been amplified further this season. Apparently, every apartment can be spied upon. A few apartments have access points to allow people to go in and out of that crawl space. It's something most of the residents know nothing about. Charles, Oliver and Mabel take advantage of it upon discovery. It gives them the ability to spy on their neighbors. They get to present as their truest selves. They aren't trying to offer the best possible version of themselves to the people writing the story. Charles, Oliver and Mabel have legitimacy now. Their word can be trusted. That can still be taken away. They have been targeted for a reason. That continues to be shrouded in mystery. Right now, it's only necessary to learn how the killer keeps entering Charles' apartment. Of course, Charles hasn't changed his locks in years. He's still incredibly trusting. That's an aspect of his personality he should embrace and nurture. He shouldn't close himself off after being betrayed and broken. He has to confront those responsible too. He can't keep ignoring Jan's calls. She wants to speak to him for a reason. It may offer nothing but further manipulation of the situation. Nothing she says can inherently be trusted. It will still be cathartic for Charles to visit the person who deceived him for so long and even tried to kill him. He survived that encounter. As such, he has the potential to embrace a more fulfilling life. Jan was seen as a good match. That wasn't the case at all. That possibility is still out there. People are still drawn to him. They also act cautiously because he could still go to jail for murder. That possibility exists too. He wants to have a more fulfilling life. One with a revitalized career as well as a newfound connection with Lucy.

Lucy was previously spoken of as a missing element in Charles' life. He was haunted by the routine they once had together. He couldn't move on because he had lost the one relationship of value. He actually does present as a solid parent. He offers support when people need it the most - including as Tina goes into labor as the podcasters try to interrogate her. That wisdom must be cherished no matter what. Oliver can't radiate that same energy. He eventually understands he must prioritize his son above all else. That simply takes being threatened by Teddy once more for him to realize. Teddy and Theo are back in the building. They will spend the next few months preparing for their trial. That fate awaits them. They are as combative as ever. Oliver can see the pain in Teddy's being. He's still absolutely terrified by whatever Teddy has planned for his revenge. It seems impossible for him to have been at the Arconia during Bunny's murder. And yet, Lucy's presence that night is revealed. That means anything is possible. So many details are shrouded in mystery. No one knows the power any specific action will ultimately wield. It was just another day at the Arconia. Charles, Oliver and Mabel were celebrating the conclusion of the Tim Kono case. They won. Meanwhile, Bunny was defeated because she was being pushed off the board. She was facing forced retirement. She didn't want that fate. Someone killed her apparently to get their hands on her priceless painting of Charles' father. This building spans so many generations. This story reaches back to the creation of this space. Even someone as young as Lucy has a history that haunts her. She feared coming back. She thought Charles would dispose of her. She can't count on any of the father figures in her life. She has never had any true consistency. She wanted Charles to reach out for so many years. Even after he did so, it was hard to know exactly what to say. Lucy took the initiative to explore the dynamic in person instead of solely through text. That offers her more prominence in the narrative. Suddenly, a significant part of Charles' life is physically in his apartment with the rest of the team. That can't be denied. The energy suddenly shifts. Charles wants to keep Lucy safe no matter what. He doesn't want her embroiled in this murder mystery. She already is. She can offer clues. Mabel knows Charles can handle whatever secrets Lucy is keeping. They still view it as better to appease what is suppose to be normal. It's better for Lucy to return to Connecticut. She has served her role. Now, it's better for Charles, Oliver and Mabel to focus on the investigation. At times, they can be at a loss for how the various generations differ from one another. They still all come together in this place where so much of life occurs. They simply must take advantage of each opportunity because danger and secrets lurk around every corner.