Monday, July 18, 2022

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Max and Bonnie Look to Each Other to Provide Absolute Salvation in 'Kiss From a Rose'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 4.06 "Kiss From a Rose"

Liz turns to Shivani for help finding scientific answers while Bonnie looks to Max for protection. Kyle and Isobel deal with the fallout of their actions.

"Kiss From a Rose" was written by Sarah Tarkoff & Steve Stringer and directed by Michael Grossman

The aliens don't have value solely because of their powers. That has continually been their importance in the storytelling. It's allowed so much easy access for them across this world. They are frequently confronted by so many mysteries. They have to rely on these otherworldly abilities in order to understand. They were removed from an environment where all of this would be normal. Oasis wasn't paradise though. It was enthralled in its own civil war. Jones rose to power as a dictator. Max is seen as the savior. He can heal both worlds. He can't deny his destiny. He has to fulfill it no matter what the consequences may be. Michael understands this yearning to explore the world the aliens come from. That's all he has ever wanted. He found happiness on Earth too. Of course, those reminders have been fleeting this season. Alex has been missing. All Maria gets is his voicemail. That's the only update on his status. That's annoying. He identified a mission. It quickly went awry. It reveals how Tezca continues to manipulate this world in ways the protagonists don't know about yet. She views Max and Liz as important. They have to be taken away together. It's pointless to target one and not the other. They are both special. One came from Oasis; the other from Earth. Together they are more powerful than anyone in the galaxy. They can overcome any obstacle. They feel the urge to protect one another. They create more problems that may tear them apart. It's a constant cycle. One where they have never grown to the most fully realized versions of themselves. Max continually fears he is going to hurt Liz in some way. She is targeted by Tezca because of his connection to her. In reality, her brilliance opens up a world of possibilities. Liz is the only person capable of defeating Tezca in battle. Bonnie is in awe of that feat. Liz also provides the regenerative compound Shivani needs to save her daughter's life. Sonya split from her father because she saw Deep Sky as profiting off the existence of alien artifacts. He wants to atone for his past. However, so much of the storytelling follows the same pattern. People use Liz's research for their own benefit. Michael needs her help to conquer the virus invading his body. Maria needed her friend to save her from dying. Liz has achieved all of these ambitions. She knows with the right time and patience she can solve any problem. Max refuses to give her that luxury. Instead, he makes a choice to remove his potential for power altogether. That allows him to be the normal human Liz deserves. It also threatens the spark between this couple. He opts for Bonnie taking away his power because it's easy and immediate. He can deal with the consequences. He can't lose Liz. He can't be at the mercy of Tezca's malicious plan. He simply makes the decisions himself instead of leaning on the people who love and support him.

Kyle walks away from his Mexican adventure with absolute clarity about needing to be open with his feelings. Isobel can't provide him what he needs right now. They had sex. She expected it to be a one time thing. She worried it would ruin their friendship. She can't risk that. However, it meant so much more to Kyle. This is what he wanted. He tries to hide his feelings. That only causes him to spiral further. It leads to him sitting at the bar with his uncle as they feel absolutely defeated. It's all because situations didn't go how they expected them to. They have to put in the work to express their feelings. It's only then they can live life unburdened by the pressure of these emotions. Isobel doesn't know what to think. Right now, a member of her triad needs her help. She returns to Roswell to restore Dallas' memories of his father. They unlock a pivotal clue. It may further aid the team in stopping Tezca's ultimate plan. That remains a mystery because Dallas doesn't know exactly what his father left behind. Instead, he is asked to nurture his relationship with faith and humanity. They provide comfort in ways that reward the people who come from Oasis. This is a chance to start over and embrace a new world. One that doesn't need ultimate control presented by one man. It allows for freedom and humility. Of course, plenty of aliens feel they have to hurt others in order to keep them safe. Bonnie knew kissing Michael would take away his powers. She did so anyway because she believed it would end the cycle. She knows what it's like to be seduced and manipulated by Clyde. He used her hopes and dreams against her. She could see Michael falling down the same path. She doesn't want that for him. He's furious because he believes his powers keep him strong. The fight is escalating and he's powerless now. He still has so much potential. He simply must approach things from a different perspective. Maria may be projecting how her mother is now trying to communicate with her. It still offers hope. That optimism inspires so many into action. Plenty are still cynical about what the world can provide. And so, they make definitive decisions they believe they must accept in order to obtain the peace that has long been destined for Earth. That's not a guarantee of satisfaction. People buy into the premise hoping it offers salvation. They need that desperately. No one carries all the answers. No one can promise a better life. The choices made in pursuit of that goal may only cause that person to lose it all. That's the gamble Max is making. As Michael and Maria learn though, powers aren't the only thing that make the aliens special. They still have plenty of purpose and value outside of those abilities. Liz is walking proof of that. Max chooses to completely ignore that under the assumption his powers are too immense for anyone to ever possibly control.