Thursday, July 28, 2022

REVIEW: 'The Resort' - Emma and Noah's Pursuit of Answers Actually Brings Them Closer Together in 'A Noxious Toothworm'

Peacock's The Resort - Episode 1.02 "A Noxious Toothworm"

The couple seeks answers about Sam and Violet's disappearance, leading them to a powerful family.

"A Noxious Toothworm" was written by Andy Siara and directed by Ben Sinclair

Is this the life Emma wants? She is suppose to be relaxing on vacation. Instead, she's been faced with an existential crisis and reinvigorated by needing to solve Sam and Violet's disappearances. She is still asked that central question from the detective who once led the case. He can share his theories and even the file of information he still has. He too remains haunted by what happened at the resort 15 years ago. However, he has made peace with the happiness he has carved out for himself. That amounts to a boat. That's an extension of his personality. That's all he needs in order to be content now. Of course, he used to have different dreams. Those clashed with reality. He left the force not long after the case was given to him. He always saw Baltasar Frías as the prime suspect. He had no evidence to prove it. Moreover, Baltasar has escaped with no one knowing what happened to him. That's not entirely true. Luna can track him down quite easily once Emma and Noah start asking questions about their time working together. She initially wants to deny the evidence. She can't offer the investigation any clarity. She gets a ton simply by how Emma and Noah conduct themselves. Noah literally searches how to be a detective online. He's not cut out for this work. The couple can only trust their instincts. That propels them on this journey. They want to understand the potential danger they are in by asking these questions. In doing so, that only alerts the world at large that these mysteries of the past will no longer stay buried. It was miraculous Emma found the phone in the first place. Baltasar suggests it's impossible. Emma and Noah represent the most distinct threat to his livelihood in a long time. Of course, his family is still incredibly influential. No one wants to go up against them because of the power they wield. Emma and Noah should be concerned. Instead, the narrative frames all of this around them getting their groove back as a couple. Sure, Emma forgets that it's the actual day of their anniversary. That's the whole reason why they came to the resort. She didn't experience the days leading up to this celebration. She was essentially sleep walking through her life. She became determined to solve this mystery. She got Noah quickly wrapped up in it as well. That creates the situation where they're together when Noah drops the news about the importance of this day. The series even goes back to share their first meeting. They have instant chemistry. A pool becomes a desirable destination. As such, it's fitting when they make it back to one at the resort. It's after hours. No other guests are there. It becomes their own private spot. That allows them to connect without having to endure all the pressures of the outside world. However, they can't escape those realities for too long.

Emma and Noah are trying to recreate the interactions Sam and Violet had. They don't have many clues to pursue. The text conversation is brief. In fact, Emma and Noah misread it at first. They believe these two strangers hooked up when they first met. Instead, it was much more innocuous. Sam crashed into a tree and Violet glued up his wound. They still have chemistry that could suggest something more intimate to come. They flirt. Their communications over text are largely what happens though. Violet looks out across the resort and sees Sam with his girlfriend. She doesn't know he feels betrayed by her. He doesn't even know the full story. Instead, they seem destined to break into Baltasar's suite to retrieve his skateboard. That simple action serves as the motivation for why all these forces came together in such a dramatic way. However, the story extends back into the past beyond the time at the different resorts. It's also crucial to know Violet's mother passed away a year ago. It was during this vacation that her father gave her the keys to the vehicle. This family is still dealing with the raw emotions of that tragedy. Violet finds a way to keep her mother close. She carries that with her everywhere she goes. Her opinions have value in the lives of those she cares about. She has that complex inner life. She's more than the few messages Emma and Noah read. This is all playing out in the past though. The audience can better understand the clues as they are happening. The narratives are playing out in tandem. Of course, plenty of uncertainty still lingers throughout the proceedings. Emma and Noah keep drinking throughout their day of investigating. That never disrupts the progress they make. It simply makes them less covert with their questions. They want answers. They don't care what happens in order to obtain them. This quest may eventually lead to their deaths. That's one path laid out for them. They would love for the situation to remain tinged with comedy and charm. That's not a guarantee though. They will have to face obstacles that take more effort to overcome. Noah can forgive Emma for forgetting the day. He wants her to be happy. They pursue this case together. They amp each other up. They see the connections between the past and the present as they currently experience it. Those clues are available for anyone with the knowledge and willingness to pursue them. This case may finally get solved because two tourists decide to take up the investigation. That may still come at a great cost. One that leads Noah and Emma back to each other in a more fulfilling way. However, that can't be the extent of what the story is hoping to tell with how relationships evolve over the years. As such, it truly plays as everything just getting started. The audience can't trust any reveal because some twist will emerge to alter our perception once more.