Sunday, August 14, 2022

REVIEW: 'Evil' - Kristen's Entire Life Gets Infested by Demons With Dangerous Plans for Her Family in 'The Demon of the End'

Paramount+'s Evil - Episode 3.10 "The Demon of the End"

The team investigates a household terrorized by a demonic infestation and is shocked when they find out the house is next door to Kristen's. Meanwhile, Kristen is surprised to learn that her frozen egg was never destroyed and purchased anonymously which leads her on a new adventure.

"The Demon of the End" was written by Rockne S. O'Bannon and directed by John Dahl

Kristen's house has a demonic infestation. That's not hugely surprising. Her family has been haunted in this environment since the start of the series. This season called even more attention to the eery details of this place because of the construction. Kristen and Andy want their lives to expand. However, demonic forces have their own nefarious plans for both of them. Andy has been tortured to provide substance to Leland and Sheryl. They concocted a plan to convince Kristen that her husband died while showing Eddie around the climbing business. They enact that agenda only for the girls to realize it's yet another way Leland is trying to trick them. As such, the worst possible outcome doesn't befall this family. In fact, they are reunited. Andy returns. His memory is hazy though. He truly remembers his time in the mountains despite never traveling there. The accident is conveniently covered up by a lapse in his memory. His behavior is different though. He is nicer to Sheryl. He's still horrified by the drawing Grace made. That provided a link to what was actually going on. The girls knew enough to question the information being provided to them. Again, they are very smart and cunning in that way. It can be annoying when they all talk over each other. Ben delights in how Sister Andrea talks to them about that. However, they have the precise tools to reveal Leland's deception. They were never in doubt about their father returning home. It's what Grace said. Everything happens as she prophesied. That doesn't necessarily keep her safe. Monsignor Korecki was killed defending her from Leland. She has no clue who this attacker was. The Church knows he won't be the last person to come after her. The forces of evil will do anything to silence the power she wields. In this moment though, David is being targeted. The threats come from every possible angle. It gets to the point where he doesn't know if he's talking with Kristen or the demon who looks like her. Sister Andrea always has clarity. She knows a demon is sucking on David's life. She doesn't know how he is being tempted. She simply must arm him with the precise tools to overcome this deception. She's not above killing demons herself either. She does that all around the Bouchard house. The place is overflowing with the creatures. She sees that clearly. Everyone else thinks she's foolish because she's banging on the ground with a shovel. It's all with a distinct purpose. Plus, Kristen is starting to question her own faith. She turned her back on God because her parents got divorced. She stopped praying when she was 14. She finds comfort in David. She loves how certain he is in his faith. She still has problems with organized religion. She doesn't want her daughters brought up in the Church. She may have to accept that in order to protect them from the various threats out there.

Kristen explodes in terror at one point. It's not because of some demon that emerges to tempt her in some way. Instead, it's about Lynn declaring her interest in possibly becoming a nun. She isn't set on that path. She wants permission to keep talking with Sister Andrea. Her mother doesn't want her involved in a patriarchal system. That's not the life she has envisioned for her. It may not even be the best life for Lynn. She simply believes she's an outsider because she doesn't focus on all the things her peers do. She wants to explore the world. Kristen shuts that down because it's wrapped in the context of religion. It has already consumed her life in such a personal way. Demons have their hooks in her family. She can't escape them. It's all made to make her suffer. David wants to encourage and support her. He sees all the signs of God's existence. He's waiting to welcome Kristen with open arms. He has already done so much to protect her family. That's not reassuring to Kristen. It scares her. She has so much she wants to keep inside. She doesn't want to face the terrible things she has done. It was all in the name of protecting her family. Her daughters still hear the temptation from within the walls. Andy wanders into the construction zone and sees a gathering of demons. It's remarkable as Kurt notes. It's absolutely terrifying too. It all serves as a metaphor for the horror playing out elsewhere. Kristen was enraged over her egg being fertilized and implanted in another woman. That story was a complete lie. Kristen got close to Valerie only for her to be killed before giving birth. It was yet another tragedy to throw on top of everything else. Moreover, it wasn't even Kristen's egg that made that miracle of life possible. It was a lie made to keep her busy and feel like she made progress in this specific mystery. Now, the truth can be revealed to her. It's already concerning when she discovers the company that bought her egg is the same one that stalked anyone who purchased its stock after receiving a tip. The surprises keep on coming with the reveal it's the same company Sheryl works for. She is still in contact with Leland too. In fact, they're co-workers in this business. Plus, Leland is the father of the baby actually conceived with Kristen's egg. It's a lot of reveals thrown on top of each other to create drama. It's very focused on Kristen and how her world is collapsing. This darkness consumes her. This is the end of one story though. The contemporary book of demons can only showcase so much. Now, it's flipped over to reveal angelic symbolism. That's already so powerful for David and Sister Andrea. It could have the same nurturing spirit for Kristen. That's a brief glimpse at optimism when everything seems so dire for her right now. She's absolutely powerless after Leland has infiltrated her life in so many ways. She's still a good influence and her daughters are more than capable of fighting back against those her use dirty tricks to harm this family. The threat from the demons still persists. The solution isn't always as easy as sleeping under a net or staging an exorcism for a house.