Tuesday, August 30, 2022

REVIEW: 'What We Do In the Shadows' - Nandor Grows Jealous Over Guillermo Finding Love and Happiness Elsewhere in 'Freddie'

FX's What We Do In the Shadows - Episode 4.09 "Freddie"

Guillermo has a visitor from overseas.

"Freddie" was written by Jake Bender & Zach Dunn and directed by DJ Stipsen

For the first time in his life, Guillermo has a loving and healthy relationship. He has devoted himself to his work for so long. That's gotten in the way of everything else of value. His time away from the vampires proved to be very beneficial. And yet, he inevitably returned to them. He still aspires to become a vampire one day. That remains his goal. He believes the vampires he know will make that a reality. They continue to take him for granted. They hurt him because they are so incredibly selfish and destructive. They can't allow someone else to be happy if they are struggling. Nandor thought he found an immediate fix to his ongoing sense of unhappiness. It was all completely pointless in the end. It's still emotionally devastating for him to say goodbye to Marwa/Freddie. That's actually quite amusing. He sees the real emotions in this entire situation. The audience probably approached it all with some inherent skepticism. Nothing with Marwa could be seen as true love because it was Nandor projecting his own feelings onto the situation at her expense. That was always clear. Moreover, Nandor is clueless whenever it comes to admitting his own personal failings. When he finds something he wants, he takes it. He doesn't care how others will feel about it. After a lifetime as a vampire, he has grown disconnected from the world and what matters to other people. He may not genuinely want to hurt Guillermo. That still happens all the time. His familiar can never embrace something truly his own. He always has to fulfill the same role without ever changing one bit. Guillermo has gladly done so for over a decade. His own awakening of deserving more has only produced small progress. He negotiated a better deal with Nadja about managing the money at the club. He used that to improve his life. He cares about the comforts of this world just as much as the vampires do. He's simply had fewer opportunities to luxuriate in them. He is just as deserving of a loving relationship. The season teased this bond he found with Freddie. And now, it finally plays out onscreen. They are such a happy and cute couple. This story depicts a completely new side to Guillermo. He is no longer the familiar doing whatever the vampires want or the hunter who kills numerous creatures in this world. He's simply a man in love and being loved. That's so precious. Nandor quickly comes in and ruins it. He too wants Freddie. He believes not talking Guillermo's actual love shows how considerate he is. It's still completely insane for him to erase Marwa in favor of an exact copy of Freddie. Guillermo can't tolerate that. He's furious. His love is destroyed simply because Nandor's emotions are misplaced. He continues to destroy the world without being aware of the extent of the damage his actions create. Even when Guillermo breaks away from work in search of personal happiness, he only finds that this bond has been ruined simply because Freddie spent a short time in Guillermo's actual life in Staten Island.

People can't just be oblivious to the truth of what makes them successful either. Nadja has been exploiting Baby Colin in order to create a prosperous nightclub. Without him, no one feels compelled to show up. He is the main attraction. The club bears Nadja's name. However, she refuses to give Baby Colin a better deal for his efforts. Of course, his time as a child star was always going to be short-lived. That's true for the profession at large. It's even more startling for Baby Colin as he continues to age at an alarming rate. He was grown into adolescence. That requires a whole new form of parenting from Laszlo. The oddity can no longer provide the entertainment the crowds of adoring vampires have come to expect either. All of this has been disrupted. Everyone got too comfortable. They didn't care who they hurt in the process because they were happy. Sure, it's an absolute blast to see Nadja drunk after drinking Sofia Coppola's blood. She continually trips over the drums. That further proves how she is ultimately failing at this business. Nothing is going right. She could draw a crowd because of what Baby Colin offered. That was the only entertainment she could consistently book. She hasn't worked the skill to diversify her offerings. Sure, actual humans make their way to the club too. They are served up on the menu. She laughs when they even request the celebrity special. They are completely clueless. Even Jim Jarmusch refuses to acknowledge what actually happened to his friends. He wants to believe it was all some magic trick that is playing out for a long time. In reality, the hopes and dreams of the main characters are being destroyed. So much was seemingly made possible because of the creature that crawled out of their deceased friend Colin Robinson. That dynamic has changed as well. Nothing can be certain in this world. They still have to put the work in to evolve despite centuries of life. They have gotten complacent. Of course, the vampires still have the ability to prosper. That doesn't immediately take away their depressive feelings of failure. It all implodes in Guillermo's face. He witnesses that personally. Freddie ultimately loves himself more. In fact, this episode depicts two extremely different versions of self-love. The show can still be trusted to depict those sexually graphic jokes. That's incredibly important and amusing to all of these characters. The world and relationships aren't solely about sex. Nandor offered it to Guillermo through his fake copy of Freddie. That wasn't him understanding the pain he caused. And now, Guillermo heads into the finale more defeated and devastated than ever before. The vampires may have finally crossed the line and made him realize just how toxic working for them has always been. They may not be able to recover from that. Guillermo found love. It was taken away not because of something he did wrong. Others were jealous and had the means to make their desires more important.