Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Casting News - Timothy Olyphant Joins 'Full Circle'; Leslie Odom Jr. to Appear on 'Abbott Elementary'; Plus 10 More Updates!

Casting News - September 14, 2022

ABC's Abbott Elementary; Amazon's Reacher; AMC's The Driver & Straight Man; AppleTV+'s For All Mankind; Comedy Central's Digman!; The CW's Superman & Lois; Disney+'s Ironheart & The Spiderwick Chronicles; HBO Max's Full Circle; and Paramount+'s Halo & Wolf Pack

  • Timothy Olyphant has been cast as a series regular on the upcoming limited series starring Claire Danes and Zazie Beetz. He previously starred for three seasons in HBO's Deadwood, six seasons in FX's Justified and three seasons in Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet. He also received an Emmy Award nomination in 2021 for his guest performance in Disney+'s The Mandalorian.
  • He will play Derek, Sam's (Danes) husband.
  • Rodrigo Santoro will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. He previously starred for two seasons in HBO's Westworld and in Hulu's one-season drama Reprisal.
  • He will play Garrett Briggs, a Los Angeles park ranger dedicated to protecting the environment and is the adoptive father of Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) and Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson). A man of strong values, he also is someone with dark secrets and deep suspicions, especially toward anyone questioning the relationship with his children who were found in the wildfire years earlier.
  • Diedrich Bader, Sara Amini, Cedric Yarbrough and Suzanne Cryer are set as series regulars on the upcoming drama starring Bob Odenkirk and Mireille Enos. Bader previously starred for five seasons in ABC's American Housewife. Amini guest starred on FOX's 9-1-1, CBS' CSI: Vegas and ABC's The Rookie. Yarbrough starred for three seasons in ABC's Speechless. Cryer starred for five seasons in HBO's Silicon Valley.
  • Bader will play Tony Conigula, a philosophy professor at Railton and Hank's (Odenkirk) closest friend. After the failure of his first marriage, he has fully committed to the life of a bachelor. And it suits him. He's a lover, not a womanizer. Generally well-liked on campus, he's an affable, charming guy, and he takes his work as a philosopher and a professor seriously.
  • Amini will play Meg Quigley, an adjunct professor seeking tenure at Railton, where her mother teaches as well. She is very bright and a great teacher but hasn't published much and has to pick up shifts at the local bar to make rent. She admires Hank, perhaps in part because he's a better role model than her alcoholic mother. Hank also admires her, and the two have an easy, flirtatious rapport.
  • Yarbrough will play Paul Rourke, a poetry professor at Railton. He drives a shiny red Camaro and is on his third marriage. Or is it his fourth? All of his self-esteem comes from his perceived sexual prowess, his masculinity. He's always the loudest person in the room, always needing the final word, but he's more bark than bite. He self-identifies as Hank's rival, though Hank would tell him to get in line.
  • Cryer will play Gracie DuBois, a poetry professor at Railton. She identifies more as a poet than as an academic, someone whose love of language makes her feel both connected to the world and also proud of herself and her abilities, though her real skill may be teaching. As a result, she feels threatened when others don't see the value of her poetry, and she is constantly at odds with Hank, who can't help himself from tweaking her.
  • Shaun Sipos has landed a series regular role on the drama's upcoming second season. He previously starred for two seasons in Syfy's Krypton and in Amazon's Outer Range, which debuted its first season earlier this year and is awaiting word on its future.
  • He will play David O'Donnell, who served with Reacher (Alan Ritchson) in the 110th, the Army's unit of Special Investigators, and is like a brother to Reacher.
  • Leslie Odom Jr., Lauren Weedman and Keyla Monterroso Mejia will guest star in the comedy's upcoming second season. Odom Jr. won Tony and Grammy Awards for his performance in the musical Hamilton. Weedman starred for two seasons in HBO's Looking and recurs on HBO Max's Hacks. Mejia stars in Netflix's upcoming On My Block spinoff Freeridge.
  • Odom Jr. will play Draemond, the owner of a string of charter schools in the area who pays a visit to Abbott.
  • Weedman will play Kristin Marie, a tough-talking teacher from a neighboring school who bears a striking resemblance to one of Abbott's own.
  • Mejia will play Ashley, a teacher's aide at Abbott whose go-with-the-flow personality contributes to classroom chaos.
  • Toby Kebbell has joined the cast of the drama's upcoming fourth season. He currently stars in AppleTV+'s Servant, which has been renewed for a fourth and final season.
  • He will play Miles, a former offshore oil platform worker who pursues a new job opportunity on Mars.
  • Chad L. Coleman has booked a recurring role on the drama's upcoming third season. He previously starred for two seasons in AMC's The Walking Dead. He also recurred on Syfy/Amazon's The Expanse, FOX/Hulu's The Orville, The CW's All American and Peacock's Girls5Eva.
  • He will play Bruno Mannheim, known to most of Metropolis as a local hero and a philanthropist, who's revived the struggling neighborhoods of the city. For years, Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) has worked to prove that behind that facade is a career criminal and the head of the notorious organization Intergang. With some new leads, she might be closer than ever.
  • Joseph Morgan and Cristina Rodlo have scored series regular roles on the drama's upcoming second season. Moreover, Fiona O'Shaughnessy and Tylan Bailey have been promoted to series regulars. Morgan previously starred for two seasons in The CW's The Vampire Diaries and five seasons in The CW's The Originals. Rodlo starred in the second season of AMC's The Terror and in Paramount Network's one-season drama 68 Whiskey. O'Shaughnessy and Bailey recurred throughout the drama's first season - with both appearing in three episodes overall.
  • Morgan will play James Ackerson, a formidable intelligence operative who has spent his career climbing the ranks of the UNSC's secretive Office of Naval Intelligence.
  • Rodlo will play Talia Perez, a corporal specializing in linguistics for a UNSC Marine Corp communications unit and a relatively new recruit who has yet to see any real combat.
  • O'Shaughnessy plays Laera, Soren's (Bokeem Woodbine) confidant, wife and partner in crime.
  • Bailey plays Kessler, Soren and Laera's son. He has had a relatively peaceful, if unusual, childhood growing up on the Rubble.`
  • Tim Robinson, Mitra Jouhari, Dale Soules, Guz Khan, Melissa Fumero and Tim Meadows will lead the voice cast of the upcoming animated comedy created by and starring Andy Samberg. Robinson won an Emmy Award this year for his performance in Netflix's I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. Jouhari created and starred in Adult Swim's Three Busy Debras, which ran for two seasons. Soules starred for two seasons in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black. Khan currently stars in HBO Max's Our Flag Means Death, which has been renewed for a second season. Fumero previously starred opposite Samberg for eight seasons in FOX/NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Meadows starred for four seasons in Paramount+'s No Activity and two seasons in ABC's Schooled.
  • No details were immediately announced about the characters they will be playing.
  • Amanda Brugel has been cast in a recurring role on the upcoming drama starring Giancarlo Esposito and Paula Malcomson. She currently stars in Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, which premiered its fifth season today and has been renewed for a sixth and final season.
  • She will play Sister Anne, who is unlike any nun you've ever seen before - fully tatted up. While her appearance is different, she is completely devoted to God and her order. her past with Vince (Esposito) is mysterious and she continues to be his confidant when life gets tough.
  • Rashida "Sheedz" Olayiwola will appear in the upcoming drama starring Dominique Thorne, Anthony Ramos and Alden Enrenreich. She is currently a staff writer on HBO Max's South Side. As an actress, she previously guest starred on HBO's Insecure and A Black Lady Sketch Show.
  • No details were immediately announced about the character she will be playing.
  • Mychala Lee will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Joy Bryant, Lyon Daniels and Noah Cottrell. She previously recurred on AppleTV+'s Truth Be Told.
  • She will play Mallory, the sister to twin brothers Jared (Daniels) and Simon Grace (Cottrell). A classic firstborn child, she is extremely type-A, smart, determined and ambitious. She strives for perfection in everything she does, from learning to drive to her passion for fencing. While she loves her brothers, her parents' divorce and her life being uprooted is putting more than the usual strain on their normal sibling rivalry.