Friday, September 30, 2022

Development News - Robin Weigert, Abby McEnany and Eric Graise to Co-Star on CBS Drama Pilot 'The Never Game'

Development News - September 30, 2022

CBS' The Never Game.

  • Robin Weigert, Abby McEnany and Eric Graise will co-star on the drama pilot starring Justin Hartley and Mary McDonnell. Weigert previously starred for three seasons in HBO's Deadwood and two seasons in HBO's Big Little Lies. McEnany co-created and starred in Showtime's Work in Progress, which ran for two seasons. Graise recurred on Netflix's Locke & Key and Peacock's Queer as Folk.
  • Weigert will play Teddi Bruin, a former touring manager for rock musicians, now settled into comfortable middle age in Northern Florida with her wife and a bunch of pets. She is one half of the couple that runs Colter's (Hartley) "back end": seeking out new jobs, keeping track of the money, and occasionally getting him sprung from jail.
  • McEnany will play Velma Bruin, Teddi's wife and business partner, the other half of the team that runs Colter's operations out of a spare room in their charming Florida home. Warmhearted, frank and funny, she is a born caregiver who also gives Colter something he'll never admit that he needs: emotional support.
  • Graise will play Bob Exley, the brilliant and enigmatic computer scientist who serves as a frequent resource, and reliable sparring partner, for Colter. A bilateral amputee from infancy, he is tough as nails and funny as hell; and, thanks to his high-end, boutique security company, he earns an enviable living in life's legal and ethical gray areas.