Monday, October 10, 2022

Development News - Freevee Orders Pilot for Drama 'Open Book' Inspired by Jessica Simpson's Memoir

Development News - October 10, 2022

Freevee's Open Book.

  • OPEN BOOK (Drama) - Inspired by the memoir from Jessica Simpson. Starring John Stamos (Big Shot) and Katelyn Tarver (Ballers). Written by Tom Kapinos. Directed by Adam Bernstein. Executive produced by Kapinos, Bernstein, Simpson, Patrick Moran, Lauren Auslander and Lacy Lynch. Produced by Amazon Studios and PKM Productions. Logline: A propulsive, music-soaked coming-of-age story, the series will follow pop star Sadie Sparrow's (Tarver) rise from ingenue to mogul, introducing us to the family, friends, and lovers she collects along the way. Touching on themes of love, friendship, family and sisterhood, relationships, soul connections, Hollywood and the music business, Sadie ultimately comes to embrace herself and the fact that her heart inevitably wants what it wants at every stage of life.