Friday, October 14, 2022

Development News - Guy Burnet, Luca Diaz and Daniella Pineda Board Freevee Comedy Pilot 'Western'

Development News - October 14, 2022

Freevee's Western.

  • Guy Burnet, Luca Diaz and Daniella Pineda have been cast as series regulars on the comedy pilot starring Anna Konkle. Burnet previously recurred on Starz's Counterpart and starred in the Amazon limited series The Feed. Diaz is featured in the voice cast of Paramount+'s upcoming series Transformers: EarthSpark. Pineda stars in the Jurassic World film franchise.
  • Burnet will play Dr. Conely, the handsome, soulful and tortured British doctor of the small town. After making a vow to his dearly departed wife, never to remarry again, he finds himself alone but surrounded by the colorful inhabitants of Sumner, who never fail to keep him busy.
  • Diaz will play Henry Johnson, a 14 going on 45 pre-teen. Wily and wild-haired, he has a penchant for writing letters to unsuspecting women and an unexpected amount of depth coursing through his pubescent veins.
  • Pineda will play Bess, the sexy, tough as nails, quick as a whip proprietress of Sumner's most popular saloon. She is unintimidated by the male-dominated wild west landscape but has a heart of gold hidden not too far below the surface.