Sunday, October 30, 2022

REVIEW: 'Interview With the Vampire' - Lestat Hopes to Beat Louis Into Submission in 'A Vile Hunger for Your Hammering Heart'

AMC's Interview With the Vampire - Episode 1.05 "A Vile Hunger for Your Hammering Heart"

Claudia leaves home for a college sojourn and to learn more about vampires. Louis and Lestat live through the Depression and receive surprising news from Louis' sister. Tensions in the family come to a boiling point when Claudia returns.

"A Vile Hunger for Your Hammering Heart" was written by Hannah Moscovitch and directed by Levan Akin

Lestat chose to share his life with Louis. He desperately wants him to declare how much he loves him and will devote his entire life to his happiness. And yet, Lestat invaded Louis' life until he was forced to submit to what he wanted. Love was present for a time. It's a toxic relationship but one that still has an inherent pull to it. They are informed by each other. Throwing a third individual into the mix complicated matters. Initially, Claudia's addition allowed them to ignore the problems they were having. They could devote their attention to her while tolerating each other. This life hasn't been easy for Claudia. She is forever stuck as a teenager. She doesn't know if she will ever get to experience things in a genuine way. She'll never see the world as an adult. She hates Louis and Lestat for creating her. They knew the dangers of this life. They didn't care. They saved her mostly to compensate for their own issues. They've been a family for a couple of years now. Louis and Lestat hope to be good examples for her. Neither of them can relate to her pain. They all clearly yearn for more. They want more from each other even though they can rarely provide it. Those are the same feelings Grace once had for her brother. She wanted to remain close to the brother she always knew. And yet, he changed. He lost his humanity when he became a vampire. He wanted to bridge the two worlds for a little while. That was simply unsustainable. His vampiric way of life prevailed. He couldn't change who he was. He simply had to say goodbye to his family. That was absolutely crushing. It's only in seeing that loss play out in an extreme way that Claudia comes to understand what Louis needs from her. She is off on her own journey. She's plagued with her own turmoil. She's assaulted by another vampire. She sought out more information about the creation of vampires and how widespread they are throughout the world. Instead, she is only made to confront how the world perpetually views her as an easy target. She can certainly fight back. She is quite a prolific killer. She doesn't care to follow Louis and Lestat's rules. Those were created to keep all of them safe. Claudia doesn't always think through her actions. She sees the wisdom her loved ones were trying to pass along. She simply didn't have the wisdom to recognize and appreciate that. Even then, she never loses sight of Lestat's toxic qualities. He is a killer who takes whatever he wants. Whenever someone tries getting something real out of him, he resorts to demeaning them. He attacks with such viciousness. He proclaims his love for Louis even while dangling him from the sky above. He can't understand why he is no longer loved and desirable. Louis simply yearns for Claudia in a way that transcends everything else. It's about having a family who loves and cares for him. They rely on each other.

Louis calls out for Claudia every day of her excursion away from New Orleans. He wants to protect her. He hopes to keep her safe like any father wants for their child. She also can't return because of how toxic and dangerous the house has become. Her privacy was invaded. Her family never cared about her. As such, she shows little respect for what they value most. Trauma unites them all. That brings them together. They can only rely on each other in order to survive all that this world entails. That's heartbreaking because it leaves Louis and Claudia trapped. The house is literally destroyed because Lestat refuses to let them go. He has experienced the world. He doesn't need to go off on a journey of exploration. He knows precisely what he wants. Louis and Claudia have questions. Their humanity was taken from them. They can never return to once mattered to them. They see that clearly now. Grace has Louis declared dead. Her brother died a long time ago. This simply allows her to acknowledge that and move on. She hopes to start a new life. She doesn't want to understand what happened to Louis. She just needs the thought of him out of her life for good. Claudia is present for that moment. It's personally devastating. And then, life becomes physically destructive. That's how far Lestat is willing to go. Claudia is pleading for him to stop. He only offers up the excuse that this was never about her. It was all about appeasing Louis. Lestat wanted him so badly that he was willing to do anything to keep him happy. And yet, that personal satisfaction and acceptance was never present. Louis understood Lestat better than anyone else. That still wasn't enough. He was haunted by the man he loved. He couldn't escape that relationship. He had to make the best of it. Even that wasn't ultimately good enough. The family comes together. It's a move of pure destruction. Claudia presents a journey that will have immense value to her and Louis. She understands her father's pain. She has been hurt and betrayed by the world. Louis even wants to protect her memory. He will overpower and torture Molloy in order to preserve her innocence. That mentality is maintained despite a century having gone by. The dynamics have forever remained the same. They have no hope for evolution. It's all an escalation of drama to see how far a person will go. The vampires reach a breaking point. It's not the end of their time together. That's impossible. Louis reveals all of this to a newcomer. Molloy hopes to publish this story for all to see. He knows people will project their own feelings onto the situation. How things played out in the past will cause a different reaction to a modern audience. It's easy to love Claudia despite the horrible things she does. That's inescapable. And yet, it truly does highlight the many cynical ways people view the world. That too is toxic. From that, a pattern emerges that has remarkably gone unchanged no matter which century the story takes place in. Louis can edit some points. He can't hide from the true disaster that has long been present for him and the people he welcomes into this world. The steadfast devotion remains present even when people recognize Lestat's volatility. That's one perspective in a life with multiple dimensions that seem destined to arrive at the same point no matter what.