Thursday, October 13, 2022

REVIEW: 'The Good Fight' - Ri'Chard Sees the Firm's Team in a New Light During a Family Emergency in 'The End of a Saturday'

Paramount+'s The Good Fight - Episode 6.06 "The End of a Saturday"

Ri'Chard's nephew loses his bone marrow donor and it's all hands on deck at Reddick & Associates to save his life. In the midst of the search, Liz discovers Ri'Chard has a hidden agenda.

"The End of a Saturday" was written by Tegan Shohet and directed by Michael Zinberg

Apparently, Diane has taken Dr. Lyle Bettencourt's treatments so that he could conveniently overhear her conversation about Ri'Chard's nephew and could offer his connection to a medical trial. That's not entirely true. It certainly feels that way though. Diane's storyline has aspired to push the boundaries of what is real. When she sees something strange, she now needs someone to confirm that it's actually there. Hallucinations are some of the lingering side effects from the treatment. Diane is perfectly capable of managing her life. She's not in any danger due to the treatment. It's still jarring when the episode concludes with her voicemail to Lyle being interrupted by a man falling onto the architectural structure outside her window. It then breaks apart and he falls further to the street below. It's absolutely horrifying. It extends the overall ambitions of the narrative believing it's foolish to ignore the harsh realities of life. Diane can't escape them even though she believes this treatment is working for her. It also comes at the expense of consistent character work. Right now, it's much more engaging to see Liz and Ri'Chard tangle with each other. They are aware that the other has ambitions for the firm. They've talked around the subject for the majority of the season. And now, the truth is exposed. They want to be the name brand of this business. Everyone else must get in line behind them. They have the vision to build the scale and focus of this work so that everyone in the world must notice. They don't need STR Laurie to accomplish that feat either. And so, the partners agree to work together to defeat their common enemy before targeting each other. That is out in the open now. It comes at a precarious time in Ri'Chard's life because his nephew is facing death. He will die within a week if he doesn't receive a bone marrow transplant. Ri'Chard refuses to believe he is powerless in any situation. He doesn't just accept the information told to him. He has the power to make life better. He has the influence to make a difference. He changed his name so he would stand out in the world. He needs others to admire that. He also needs them to bow to his greatness. He is a very pompous individual. And yet, he's grateful for the partners and associates willing to give up their Saturday in order to help his family. That means so much more than whatever business they can lure to the firm. He makes his appreciation known. It is staggering to see all that the firm can accomplish. This proves how powerful they can be when they work together. However, they are rarely all heading in the same direction with the same gusto. Too often they are targeting one another. That's mostly harmless when it comes to the brief moment of Marissa and Carmen not being friends. Conversely, it's absolutely massive when the partners are fighting for control of the firm. They hope to set the direction for all the business they are willing to pursue - even if it's in direct opposition to their purported leadership partners.

The firm pursues many different paths in the hopes of saving Dustin's life. They are willing to cross several lines in the hopes that it all works out. They are aware of how awful they are being. They convince themselves it's for a noble cause. Ri'Chard walked into the firm with the confidence of tearing it down and rebuilding it in his image. He has an entourage willing to do so much for him. He also prays for strength whenever he appears in court. He surrenders himself to a higher power. He puts his faith in their being a greater purpose for what he is meant to do. That's not an act. Those are his genuine beliefs. That has changed the atmosphere at work. It's noticeable. It's not inherently bad or off-putting. It's a change of pace. He is the new boss everyone must appease. This case serves as a way to do that. He expects people to put their time and effort into helping his family. He genuinely appreciates it when they actually do. These aren't the lawyers he brought to the firm. Instead, this is the team that was already established. Sure, each of them have had their struggles. That has prepared each of them for this moment. They are united in a common goal. Ri'Chard provides that. He believes he offers those clear decisions elsewhere too. His vision for the firm is people caving to his desires or facing unemployment. That's an extreme choice. It doesn't immediately create a healthy and functional workplace. Carmen is afraid to reveal to her colleagues that she's gay. Of course, she has plenty to figure out as well. Part of that is pure awkwardness towards Marissa. Something more could very well be going on there. Marissa sees it. They don't have the time to analyze it. Instead, they work much more effectively as a team. Their solution ultimately saves the day. The partners could get Dustin into a clinic trial with cutting-edge DNA splicing technology and sue for the federal government to pay for it. However, it's inspiring to see the network of people created by Marissa and Carmen who are willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of saving someone else. They are each doing so for selfish reasons. The sacrifices are still apparent. One of the associates has to be willing to donate her eggs to make it possible. That's massive. All of this happens at a time of pure chaos. That isn't just background noise. The threats are creeping in further. They can't be ignored. However, life continues for so many people. Some are injured during the protests. Others receive life-saving treatments at the hospital. The lawyers find comfort in a job well done. They receive that appreciation. However, they quickly return to the dynamics that inform these ongoing stories. They can't take their eyes off the ball for too long. That's the way they've always been conditioned. That's how many stories have been shaped in this universe. The cycle repeats itself. Now, it simply comes with a new understanding of the humanity involved with the people now vying for influence and control of the firm.