Sunday, November 20, 2022

REVIEW: 'Let the Right One In' - Vicious Details Are Revealed About Eleanor's Vampire Origin in 'More Than You'll Ever Know'

Showtime's Let the Right One In - Episode 1.07 "More Than You'll Ever Know"

The mystery of Eleanor's origin story as a vampire is revealed.

"More Than You'll Ever Know" was written by Andrew Hinderaker and directed by Sarah Boyd

What happened ten years, nine months and four days ago? That's asked of Mark upon returning to the confessional. The series has also made the past a mystery for his family. It's long been assumed that Eleanor was turned into a vampire while away at camp. Something tragic then happened to her mother, Elizabeth, during the early days of this infection. Those actions have haunted the family for the next decade. And yet, those early assumptions are proven to be much more complicated. It was easy to see the camp as the source of the attack because it connected Eleanor to Peter. Instead, they were both targeted at home. The vampire that turned them stalked them and left them behind to deal with the consequences. It's a traumatic experience for the entire family. Eleanor was out in the yard looking up at the stars. She was staring at her future beaming with joy. It was an ordinary night. Sure, Mark and Zeke were celebrating. That didn't distract from the parental obligations. Eleanor was left alone long enough to be attacked. The bite marks suggest an animal was the perpetrator. However, the details don't line up with any known animal. No one can make any sense of it. The transformation is apparent the moment Eleanor wakes up in the hospital. Elizabeth wants to open the window to let the sunshine in. Eleanor argues against it because it's already too bright for her. She can't stomach any food either. She no longer has the sophisticated palette like her father. They once had so much fun identifying the ingredients found in every meal. And now, Eleanor can only eat one thing. She has a craving for blood. The story almost plays out as tragically as the viewer likely assumed. Elizabeth's death could have been a massive accident because Eleanor couldn't control her newfound urges. That's not the case at all. Eleanor has her moment to strike. Zeke stops her. He witnesses the teeth grow as she tries to suck the blood from her mother's neck. One small sample is all it takes to convince the doctors she's overcoming the mysterious illness. And yet, the family's entire world has been turned upside down. Zeke bases all his assumptions on movies he has seen. He doesn't know how many of them are true. It's absolutely horrifying to see Eleanor walk into a home without first being invited. That carries immediate and drastic consequences for her. Mark, Elizabeth and Zeke are more than willing to donate their blood to keep Eleanor fed. However, their bodies can't supply what she inevitably needs. As such, the quest for answers quickly morphs into the decision to kill to keep her alive. That's the end result everyone wants. It's incredibly painful because everyone has to sacrifice their morals to bring back the child they once knew.

Mark is close to making the connection with the Logan family too. He investigated other animal attacks in the area. That includes the cover story for what happened to Peter. That family is mourning the loss of one of their own. They want to grieve in peace. That provides Mark with enough clarity to cross them off the list of leads to pursue. He doesn't know what he's looking for. He simply trusts that he'll know it when the time comes. The animal control expert only provided him with clues as to how an animal would behave. Mark and Zeke have to think differently. That sends them to the sewers. That too only opens up a world of possibilities. It would be so easy for the assailant to escape and be anywhere by now. No one can trust that he has stuck around the area long enough to be found. And yet, the family has to maintain that hope. They are told the creature that infected Eleanor could also carry the cure for her. For the next decade, Mark has led with that firm conviction. That may not be the case whatsoever. No one may have the cure for vampirism. All hope may reside in Claire's research. That too forces everyone to reckon with how far they are willing to go to save their loved ones. Zeke wants his friends to accept that Eleanor is dying. They can't change that. They fought to keep her alive as long as they could. He won't kill people to avoid that fate. He won't cross that line. A decade ago, he couldn't accept such a request from Mark. Elizabeth was willing to do so though. In fact, she provided Mark with the details for how to drain the victim's blood as quickly as possible. It needs to be fresh for Eleanor to consume. That's the rule that must be followed. Elizabeth has kept track of Eleanor's demands. She knew what needed to be done. Mark couldn't deliver it in time. He killed to save his daughter. He has continued doing so. He made a mistake the first time though. That led to Elizabeth making the ultimate sacrifice to give her family more time. That was the choice she made. It wasn't an accident based on Eleanor's inability to control herself. She too was preparing for death. She knew this cycle couldn't go on. Her mother comforted her. And then, she surrendered herself. She couldn't let Mark stop her either. And so, tragedy consumes the family all over again. Mark and Eleanor have lived an incredibly limiting life ever since. Only now have they started to emerge in the world and pursue what once mattered so much to them. Eleanor hasn't been cured. They've found a way to continue living. Lethal choices were still made. Mark can't escape from his past and what he has done. He just wants to save his daughter. More lives have been ruined. He hasn't been as specific with his kills as he was when this entire venture started. He still atones for those deaths. He beats himself up for it. That may not be good enough to satisfy those who've been forever haunted by this family's decisions. As such, Mark may truly not be any better than the vampire who first infected Eleanor. It's all just a vicious cycle playing out amongst innocent victims placed in impossible situations.