Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Casting News - Tony Hale, Zosia Mamet and Tanya Reynolds to Star in Netflix's 'The Decameron'; Plus 1 More Update!

Casting News - December 14, 2022

Hulu's Under the Bridge and Netflix's The Decameron.

  • Tony Hale, Zosia Mamet, Tanya Reynolds, Amar Chadha-Patel, Leila Farzad, Lou Gala, Karan Gill, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Douggie McMeekin and Jessica Plummer will star in the upcoming dramedy created by Kathleen Jordan.
  • Hale (Veep, The Mysterious Benedict Society) will play Sirisco, the affable, ill-prepared and eager-to-please steward of Villa Santa.
  • Mamet (The Flight Attendant, Girls) will play Pampinea, the soon-to-be lady of the villa. She is full of hope and absolutely lacking in self-awareness. Despite her obsession with her high station, her groomed exterior conceals a deep loneliness and insecurity.
  • Reynolds (Sex Education, Delicious) will play Licisca, an obedient yet unpredictable servant with a heart of bronze. Her life has been defined by her hard work, thick skin and devotion to the family she serves. Until now.
  • Chadha-Patel (Willow, The Wheel of Time) will play Dioneo, a cocksure physician whose profession puts him in the frustrating limbo between upper and lower classes.
  • Farzad (I Hate Suzie, Avenue 5) will play Stratilia. Intuitive, wise and steady, she is the stalwart backbone of Villa Santa. She works hard to stay out of the fray and protect her secrets.
  • Gala (Les Chamois, Secrets d'histoire) will play Neifile. God-fearing and highly libidinous, she is a woman of paradoxes. Her time spent at the villa proves deeply transformative.
  • Gill (I May Destroy You, Cobra) will play Panfilo, the son of a prominent political family in Florence. Charming and cunning, he is a formidable presence at the villa.
  • Jackson (Derry Girls, The Flash) will play Misia, the codependent servant of Pampinea. She adores her demanding master and derives much self-worth from pleasing her.
  • McMeekin (Harlots, The Beast Must Die) will play Tindaro, a rich noble from a prominent family. His perfect pedigree as an eligible bachelor is undermined by his insufferable attitude, rampant hypochondria, and blunt disdain for women.
  • Plummer (The Girl Before, EastEnders) will play Filomena, a spoiled oddball with a chip on her should, and the last surviving child of her noble family.
  • Archie Panjabi, Vritika Gupta, Javon "Wanna" Walton, Aiyana Goodfellow and Lily Gladstone have joined the cast of the upcoming limited series starring Riley Keough. Panjabi won an Emmy Award in 2010 for her supporting performance in CBS' The Good Wife. Gupta appeared in the short films Casting Cattle Call and The Cookie Crumbles. Walton starred for two seasons in HBO's Euphoria and recurred on Netflix's The Umbrella Academy. Goodfellow starred for two seasons in Amazon's The Outlaws. Gladstone recurred on Showtime's Billions and guest starred on FX's Reservation Dogs.
  • Panjabi will play Suman Virk, Reena's mother, a devout Jehovah's Witness and a woman who is desperately trying to bring her daughter to heel after a tumultuous year of rebellion. Her arc will explore the Virks' lives both before and after Reena's death, and Suman's near-impossible act of heroism breaks a cycle of trauma for the future - and ultimately inspires radical empathy against all odds.
  • Gupta will play Reena Virk, a self-conscious, uneasy yet bold loner searching for a group of friends she can call her own. She seeks to escape her strict Jehovah's Witness household for the far more exciting world of the Seven Oaks Youth Home - where there are no parents, few rules, and she can live with her friends. However, these "friends" are the CMC - the gang girls from the other side of town. Reena is determined to prove that she's "hardcore," but in her quest to fit in, she makes a choice that has disastrous consequences.
  • Walton will play Warren, a soft-spoken and baby-faced kid who is considered a "role model" by his peers and teachers. Still, he runs with the "Crips," and harbors a deep-buried anger over his parents abandoning him. He seems like a lost puppy who desperately needs love, but his overt gentleness might be masking something darker.
  • Goodfellow will play Dusty, a member of the CMC. She has a genuine and close friendship with Reena before her death. She is often the third wheel to Josephine (Chloe Guidry) and Kelly's (Izzy G) friendship, having to constantly earn her place with them. Dusty acts tough and says she's loyal to her crew. When things go too far, she's haunted by the guilt of what she's done, and ultimately questions whether she must be the one to step up and do the right thing - even if it means turning on her friends.
  • Gladstone will play Cam Bentland, one of the only women of color on the police force in Victoria, British Columbia. She is used to disguising herself as "one of the boys." She is deeply moralistic and a hard worker, and has a strong faith in the justice system she was raised in - even as she has witnessed firsthand how it never serves people like herself. Cam is forced to confront her own repression around her queer sexuality and identity, and begins to question the status quo in her line of work - leading her to rise above to do the job the way she believes it should be done.