Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Casting News - Uzo Aduba to Play Lead Role in 'The Residence'; Toks Olagundoye Boards 'Frasier'; Plus 1 More Update!

Casting News - February 1, 2023

AMC's Lucky Hank; Netflix's The Residence; and Paramount+'s Frasier.

  • Toks Olagundoye has been cast as a series regular on the upcoming comedy starring Kelsey Grammer - a spinoff of the NBC sitcom of the same name that aired from 1993-2004. She previously recurred on HBO's Veep, ABC's The Rookie and Disney+'s Big Shot. She will next be seen recurring on Paramount+'s upcoming drama Fatal Attraction.
  • She will play Olivia, the head of the psych department at an Ivy League university. She projects confidence, warmth and professionalism - in other words, the opposite of how completely unglued she feels on the inside. Olivia must contend daily with her colleague Alan (Nicholas Lyndhurst), who resents Olivia's seniority over him. The two of them disagree on just about everything, but they both admire Frasier (Grammer) - and each hopes to use him to further their own aims.
  • Uzo Aduba will play the lead role in the upcoming drama created by Paul William Davies. She has received five Emmy Award nominations - winning three times for her supporting performances in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black and FX's Mrs. America.
  • She will play Cordelia Cupp, a consulting detective for the Metropolitan Police Department. She is an astute observer of human behavior, with a distinctive and - to some, unsettling - conversational style.
  • Shannon DeVido and Jackson Kelly have landed recurring roles on the upcoming drama starring Bob Odenkirk and Mireille Enos. DeVido previously recurred on Hulu's Difficult People and Netflix's Insatiable. Kelly guest starred on NBC's The Thing About Pam and ABC's The Good Doctor.
  • Devido will play Emma Wheemer, a take-charge and no-nonsense English teacher at Railton College under the supervision of department chair Hank Devereaux Jr. (Odenkirk).
  • Kelly will play Barto Williams-Stevens, a student who believes deeply in his own talent and potential, despite his lack of evidence. He founds a student watchdog Excellence Committee and becomes a thorn in Hank's side.