Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Development News - Ben McKenzie to Play Lead Role in ABC Drama Pilot 'The Hurt Unit' Written by Matt Lopez and John Glenn

Development News - February 14, 2023

ABC's The Hurt Unit.

  • Ben McKenzie will play the lead role in the drama pilot written by Matt Lopez and John Glenn. He previously starred for four seasons in FOX's The O.C., five seasons in NBC/TNT's Southland and five seasons in FOX's Gotham.
  • He will play Danny, a self-made surgeon and head of the elite Hurt Unit. He must make split-second decisions in the most harrowing circumstances, often at risk to his own life. While unquestionably a hero, Danny is also a pathological risk-taker who seems headed for a serious comeuppance. His deepest bond is with his teammates - first-class professionals who share his passion, some would say obsession, for saving lives.