Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Casting News - Marsha Stephanie Blake, Gabrielle Graham and John Ortiz to Co-Star on 'The Madness'; Plus 3 More Updates!

Casting News - March 8, 2023

MGM+'s Belgravia: The Next Chapter; Netflix's The Madness & The Residence; and Paramount+'s Lioness.

  • Harriet Slater, Ben Wainwright, Edward Bluemel, Claude Perron, Elaine Cassidy, Toby Regbo, Hannah Onslow, Sophie Thompson and Sophie Winkleman have been cast on the drama's upcoming second installment. Slater previously starred for three seasons in Epix/HBO Max's Pennyworth. Wainwright guest starred on Netflix's The Sandman and Sky Atlantic's Gangs of London. Bluemel starred for three seasons in Sky One's A Discovery of Witches. Perron guest starred on Netflix's Emily in Paris. Cassidy starred for three seasons in Channel 4's No Offence. Regbo starred for three seasons in The CW's Reign and three seasons in Netflix's The Last Kingdom. Onslow starred in the BBC One limited series This Is Going to Hurt. Thompson starred for three seasons in BBC Four's The Detectorists. Winkleman recurred on BBC One's C.B. Strike and ITV's Sanditon.
  • Slater will play Clara Trenchard (née Dunn), a young, smart and striking woman. A fresh face amongst the society of Belgravia, she is thrilled by her marriage to the enigmatic Frederick. As she comes to learn more of her husband and the trauma he carries, Clara finds her marriage will not be as smooth as she first thought and is something she must fight for.
  • Wainwright will play Frederick Trenchard, the young and handsome third Lord Trenchard. He takes after his grandfather with a ferocious work ethic, having built a large business empire. Immediately smitten with Clara, he marries her after a whirlwind romance, but brings with him traumas from his past that threatens his newfound happiness.
  • Bluemel will play Dr. Stephen Ellerby, an idealistic, charming and attractive young doctor. He is brought into the society of Belgravia as he cares for Peter, son of the Duke of Rochester - a far cry from his life amongst the bohemians of Bloomsbury. He is quickly captivated by Clara after meeting her and starts to gain her trust as their lives interweave.
  • Perron will play The Marquise D'Étagnac, a glamorous and highly unconventional French businesswoman, who is introduced to Belgravia by the Duke and Duchess of Rochester. Offering a wealth of business opportunities, Frederick sees a chance to expand into new areas of industry.
  • Cassidy will play Davison, Clara's newly appointed lady's maid. She grows to protect her mistress with a fierce devotion, recognizing Clara's youth and need for love. She has experienced hard times in her own past and is intent on supporting Clara through her struggles.
  • Regbo will recur as Rev. James Trenchard, Frederick's estranged brother. A gentle, kind and religious man, he is haunted by both the separation from his brother and a private battle he is determined to keep hidden.
  • Onslow will recur as Emily Dunn, Clara's older sister. She responds to her sister's swift marriage with a hint of jealousy as she is desperate to make her own match. But when she throws herself into charity work at her new church, she is instantly attracted to the Reverend James Trenchard.
  • Thompson will recur as Mrs. Dunn, Emily and Clara's devoted mother. She is a nervous, giddy and chatty widow who has moved to Belgravia with her daughters and is thrilled by Clara's new marriage and the security in social standing it brings.
  • Winkleman will recur as the Duchess of Rochester. The queen of Belgravia, she and her husband stand at the top of Belgravia's social hierarchy - but privately, she struggles to reconcile the Duke's feelings towards their unwell, eldest son Peter with her own wishes for his care.
  • Bassem Youssef will appear in a guest role on the upcoming drama starring Zoe Saldaña and Laysla De Oliveira. He previously guest starred on Hulu's Ramy and Netflix's Mo.
  • He will play Amrohi, a rags-to-riches billionaire businessman with ties to terrorism, building his own fortune by legitimate means before profiteering off the wars that destroy the Middle East he's spent decades helping to rebuild.
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake, Gabrielle Graham, John Ortiz and Tamsin Topolski will co-star on the upcoming limited series starring Colman Domingo. Blake received an Emmy Award nomination in 2019 for her supporting performance in Netflix's When They See Us. Graham previously starred for two seasons in BET's Twenties. Ortiz starred in Netflix's one-season drama Messiah and in ABC's one-season drama Promised Land. Topolski recurred on Showtime's Penny Dreadful and AppleTV+'s Slow Horses.
  • Blake will play Elena Daniels, the mother of Muncie's (Domingo) 15-year-old son.
  • Graham will play Kallie, Muncie's adult daughter.
  • Ortiz will play Franco Quinones, a longtime FBI field agent with strong convictions and a relentless approach to his work.
  • Topolski will play Lucie Snipes, a woman at a crossroads in her life who has to choose between right and wrong.
  • E.L. Losada, Matt Oberg, Ryan Farrell and Alexandra Siegel have landed recurring roles on the upcoming drama starring Uzo Aduba and Andre Braugher. Losada previously guest starred on AppleTV+'s Physical and AppleTV+'s Loot. Oberg recurred on HBO's Veep and ABC's Fresh Off the Boat. Farrell recurred on HBO's The Deuce and Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer. Siegel recurred on Amazon's Bosch and NBC's American Auto.
  • Losada will play energy healer St. Pierre.
  • Oberg will play deputy calligrapher Nick Simms.
  • Farrell will play socialite Lorenzo Motta.
  • Siegel will play socialite Valentina Motta.