Thursday, March 16, 2023

Development News - Portia Doubleday, Christine Adams and Ken Kirby to Co-Star on ABC's 'Judgement'; Plus 1 More Update!

Development News - March 16, 2023

ABC's Drop-Off and Judgement.

  • Portia Doubleday, Christine Adams and Ken Kirby will co-star on the drama pilot starring Sarah Shahi, Reid Scott and François Arnaud. Doubleday previously starred for four seasons in USA's Mr. Robot. Adams starred for four seasons in The CW's Black Lightning. Kirby recurred on Freeform's Good Trouble, The CW's Dynasty and ABC's Grand Hotel.
  • Doubleday will play Eloise "Ellie" Roth, a quirky, eternally optimistic, up-and-coming associate who strikes an immediate friendship with her new colleague, Mia (Shahi). She also happens to be the daughter of the firm's founder, leading many to see her as a classic nepo-baby; but the brilliant, determined Ellie sees proving herself as an exciting challenge (almost as exciting as her favorite reality TV show, which she will not shut up about).
  • Adams will play Special Agent Monica Moore, who has a fearless intensity thanks to a long career with the FBI, where she's had to dodge both bullets and institutional misogyny. Moore is in charge of vetting Judge Mia Bahari for a seat on the Supreme Court, but rather than talk about her judicial philosophy, she's laser-focused on getting Mia to discuss her time working with Danny Quinn (Scott). Because the truth is, Moore is hiding a secret agenda of her own, and her mysterious goals make her a dangerous antagonist to Mia in her quest to get on the Court.
  • Kirby will play Andrew Chang. With a friendly demeanor and upbeat energy, he is the Deputy White House Counsel who joins FBI Agent Monica Moore in interrogating Judge Mia Bahari as part of the vetting process for a possible Supreme Court seat. He's a bundle of nerves desperately trying to appear professional, and much more empathetic than the relentless Moore, but this being the White House, everyone has secrets... and even the seemingly innocuous Andrew is no exception.
  • Nancy Lenehan has joined the cast of the comedy pilot starring Ellie Kemper. She previously starred for two seasons in TBS' People of Earth. She also recurred on HBO's Veep, ABC's Bless This Mess, HBO Max's Generation and Amazon's A League of Their Own.
  • She will play Marianne. Warm, loving and responsible, she is the kind of person who has rocks in her garden with platitudes chiseled on them. Marianne is Julia's (Kemper) mother, who's been taking care of her kids since the oldest was a baby - and that's six years now. Having been a working single mom herself, she is not without compassion for Julia's situation and she loves her grandchildren, but she's done. Marianne has decided to live her own life from now on, and that includes having an affair with a guy named Rene and firmly taking some time for herself.