Monday, April 10, 2023

Development News - Rob Corddry and Glynn Turman Join 'JumpStart'; Teddy Sears and Tamberla Perry to Co-Star on 'Wolf'

Development News - April 10, 2023

CBS' JumpStart and NBC's Wolf.

  • Rob Corddry has joined the cast of the comedy pilot starring Terry Crews and Ryan Michelle Bathé. Additionally, Glynn Turman will appear in a potentially recurring role. Corddry previously starred for seven seasons in Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital, five seasons in HBO's Ballers and two seasons in CBS' The Unicorn. Turman has received two Emmy Award nominations - winning in 2008 for his guest performance in HBO's In Treatment.
  • Corddry will play Crunchy, Joe's (Crews) police partner and best friend. They're so inseparable the Cobb children call him "Uncle Crunchy." Marcy (Bathé) calls him Joe's "hubby." Crunchy was "woke" long before the word was a thing. He knows when to be serious and when to be seriously funny.
  • Turman will play Frank, Joe's father, who is retired from the force now, but still has more "street cred" than his son. Even cons and ex-cons that Frank once arrested still respect and admire him. He gets Christmas cards from one of them! Frank knows he's set a very high bar for Joe, and believes that someday Joe will surpass it... but probably not today.
  • Teddy Sears and Tamberla Perry will co-star on the drama pilot starring Zachary Quinto. Sears previously recurred on The CW's The Flash, NBC's Chicago Fire and Netflix's The Politician. Perry recurred on Paramount+'s The Good Fight and The CW's All American: Homecoming.
  • Sears will play Dr. Josh Nichols, a neurosurgeon who left a private practice in San Francisco to work at Bronx General. He is clinical, exacting, and relies on technology to treat his patients - the opposite of Dr. Wolf (Quinto). The two will go toe-to-toe and develop a competitive relationship full of tension.
  • Perry will play Dr. Carol Pierce, the head of psychology at Bronx General and Wolf's longtime friend. She works as one of the most sought-after psychiatrists in the city while also navigating a strained personal relationship at the hospital. She recruits Wolf to work alongside her at Bronx General to create a neuropsychology dream team, helping patients who have been deemed hopeless.