Thursday, April 20, 2023

Development News - Alex MacNicoll, Spence Moore II, Aury Krebs and Ashleigh LaThrop Board NBC Drama Pilot 'Wolf'

Development News - April 20, 2023

NBC's Wolf.

  • Alex MacNicoll, Spence Moore II, Aury Krebs and Ashleigh LaThrop have been cast as series regulars on the drama pilot starring Zachary Quinto. MacNicoll previously starred in Netflix's one-season drama The Society and recurred on Amazon's Transparent. Moore recurred on NBC/Peacock's A.P. Bio and The CW's All American. Krebs guest starred on Freevee's Leverage: Redemption. LaThrop recurred on Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, The CW's The 100 and Netflix's The Kominsky Method.
  • MacNicoll will play Dr. Van Markus, who struggles around patients in crisis because of a rare, undiagnosed condition he's lived with his whole life. He experiences a crisis of confidence when he discovers Dr. Wolf (Quinto) keeps him close to study this condition.
  • Moore will play Dr. Jacob Nash, an ex-college football star who, after an injury, pivoted to studying medicine. He secretly worries he suffers from concussion-related brain trauma and self-medicates to cope with his fear.
  • Krebs will play Dr. Dana Dang, who has amassed a social media following by providing mental health tips and tricks. While she is transparent about her anxiety, the truth is she'd rather pop a Xanax than work to identify the root of her issues.
  • LaThrop will play Dr. Ericka Kinney, a first-year intern at Bronx General who has always lived her life by the books. Now with Dr. Wolf as her new attending, she is thrust into the most unpredictable environment possible while also juggling to keep a secret from her fellow interns.