Monday, April 3, 2023

Development News - Comedy 'Little Sky' Starring Samara Weaving Becomes Netflix's First-Ever Pilot Order

Development News - April 3, 2023

Netflix's Little Sky.

  • LITTLE SKY (Comedy, Single Camera) - Starring Samara Weaving (Hollywood, Scream VI). Written and directed by Rightor Doyle (Bonding). Executive produced by Weaving, Doyle and Dara Gordon. Produced by King Lulu and Anonymous Content. Logline: Penelope Paul Porter (Weaving) is determined to realize her lifelong dream of being a respected on-air news reporter (despite the fact she may be the worst reporter of all time). When she receives an anonymous tip that the Mayor of Little Sky is missing, she knows it's her chance to finally prove herself. Arriving in the spooky, remote town of Little Sky, she senses she's on to a big story - but little does she know she's stumbled upon something much darker than she could have ever imagined.