Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Development News - Anna Maria Horsford, Tisha Campbell and Judy Reyes Board Hulu's '1266'; Plus 2 More Updates!

Development News - April 5, 2023

CBS' JumpStart; Hulu's 1266; and NBC's St. Denis Medical.

  • Ryan Michelle Bathé will play the female lead in the comedy pilot starring Terry Crews. She previously starred for three seasons in BET+'s First Wives Club and in NBC's one-season drama The Endgame.
  • She will play Marcy, a hard-working nurse who is naturally maternal and wise beyond her years. She and Joe (Crews) share a close bond and are supportive of one another even when they don't agree. The two have a good life in their middle-class Philly neighborhood with their two teen kids - meeting all challenges, and enjoying their share of goofy times as well.
  • Josh Lawson, Kahyun Kim and Mekki Leeper have been cast on the comedy pilot starring Wendi McLendon-Covey. Lawson previously starred for five seasons in Showtime's House of Lies and recurred on NBC's Superstore. Kim recurred on Starz's American Gods and appeared in the film Cocaine Bear. Leeper currently stars in HBO Max's The Sex Lives of College Girls, which has been renewed for a third season.
  • Lawson will play Bruce, a trauma surgeon working primarily in the Emergency Department. He is very talented, he knows it and wants everyone else to know it.
  • Kim will play Serena, an Emergency Department nurse who leans toward homeopathy and is Alex's (Allison Tolman) work wife.
  • Leeper will play Matt a well-meaning Emergency Department nurse whom we meet on his first day as a Registered Nurse. It's not going well.
HULU's 1266
  • Karim Diané, Kristin Dodson and Kassandra Lee Diaz will co-star on the comedy pilot starring Gabourey Sidibe. Meanwhile, Anna Maria Horsford, Tisha Campbell and Judy Reyes will appear in potentially recurring roles. Diané previously recurred on Peacock's One of Us Is Lying. Dodson starred for two seasons in Showtime's Flatbush Misdemeanors. Diaz appeared in the short film Confessions. Horsford recurred on TBS' The Last O.G., FX's Pose and CBS' B Positive. Campbell currently stars in the comedy Uncoupled, which is moving to Showtime for its second season. Reyes starred for eight seasons in NBC's Scrubs, four seasons in Lifetime's Devious Maids and four seasons in TNT's Claws.
  • Diané will play Posh, who is everyone's favorite, even if they are constantly trying to figure out if he's straight or gay. A student at the New York Institute of Fashion, Posh is Gabby's (Sidibe) best friend who doesn't put up with her B.S. and isn't afraid to call her out on it. Posh's brutal honesty is always delivered with love, understanding and some attitude.
  • Dodson will play Jimmy, the youngest of the phone sex workers at Imagine Inc. She's flighty, immature, aimless and ready to make lots of mistakes and have lots of fun while doing it.
  • Diaz will play Fi, an Afro-Latina queer 20-something, who doesn't suffer fools and loves lavishing designer threads on her girlfriends. Cynical, mysterious and introverted, she's a quiet yet fiery woman who keeps her cards close to the chest.
  • Horsford will play Eula, the mother of Gabby and Wendolyn. She is feisty and stubborn, using denial as a coping mechanism. She is never shy of sharing her opinions with her girls. A public school teacher, her daughters take after her in many ways, with Gabby having the same artistic and free spirit that Eula has passed on.
  • Campbell will play Evelyn, the arrogant, blunt manager at Imagine Inc. She has perfected the nice/nasty delivery but always seems a bit pessimistic. She has been at Imagine Inc. forever; and with every year that passes, her hope, passion and dreams turn into tiny, nearly extinguished flames.
  • Reyes will play Kathy, a tenured phone sex worker at Imagine Inc. and one of its biggest earners. She always has a big smile under eyes that have seen more than she'll ever tell.