Friday, April 14, 2023

REVIEW: 'The Last Thing He Told Me' - Hannah Examines the Past to Find an Explanation for Owen's Behavior in 'The Day After'

AppleTV+'s The Last Thing He Told Me - Episode 1.02 "The Day After"

A string of frightening events drive Hannah to convince Bailey they need to find out the truth about Owen.

"The Day After" was written by Laura Dave & Josh Singer and directed by Olivia Newman

Is Owen running because of what happened at The Shop? Or is it because of something from his past? Max learns from her sources that Owen isn't a target of the federal investigation. The agents are looking for him as a material witness. And yet, it doesn't look good that he's running. They are surprised when Hannah reveals she has been questioned by a U.S. Marshal. He wouldn't have jurisdiction over this matter. Grady's presence certainly enhances the idea that Owen is a fugitive. He is on the run because of the illegal actions he took. Hannah refuses to believe that. She knows how good and noble her husband is. Everyone is shocked to learn he fooled them. That's the immediate reaction upon so much money being grifted. Owen possessed a lot to give Hannah and Bailey. He offered them that security even though he abandons them. Hannah is triggered because the exact same thing happened with her mother. She was abandoned by her. It's still painful to talk about. As such, she's always on the lookout for people deceiving her. She doesn't want to be blindsided like that ever again. That leaves her in a vulnerable place right now because Owen has shattered her world. She wants to offer clarity to Bailey. She doesn't have any answers. Going through the motions of regular life isn't helping either. It's unbearable to be at school. Even the one comfort Bailey has isn't reassuring for very long. Bobby accepted an offer from Duke instead of Stanford. He will be leaving soon and Bailey knows her father will never allow that. He has always been very protective of her. He has never let her travel far away. Hannah notes how this is the longest she's gone without talking to Owen since the start of their relationship. It's excruciating. She doesn't know how to cope. The mystery only continues to build. That's the only thing she can focus on. She remembers every past interaction in the hopes of finding some clue as to what Owen was up to. The only thing of substance is an overall cageyness about Austin, Texas. Too many details point to that location. Hannah doesn't know what she'll find there. She and Bailey still get on a plane to find out. They can't sit idly by waiting for an update. It's only been a day since their lives have been destroyed. Not a lot of time will seemingly pass as this story develops. The tease from the start of the series is only a few days away. In that moment, Hannah is willing to destroy her phone before frantically fearing something has happened to Bailey. She has seemingly failed at the one thing Owen asked her to do. That's terrifying. Hannah wants to do right by Bailey. This situation is overwhelming. Hannah doesn't have a rational response. As such, it's foolish to believe Bailey is handling it any better.

Hannah is advised to hire a lawyer to avoid having to answer any questions from the police. Grady gave her that advice. He didn't want her to be harassed by anyone else. Of course, he's also stalking her. He may be doing so to see if she is ever contacted by Owen. He also plays into whatever mystery happened in Owen's past. Grady hails from the Austin branch of the marshal service. For a moment, Hannah fears she wasn't actually contacted by an official member of law enforcement. And yet, the office has a record of him. He has official credentials. That makes his possible abuse of power even more frightening. Hannah fears she is being watched. That's actively confirmed with Grady. He monitors her truck even though she and Bailey have boarded a flight for Austin. He's not the only one. Hannah sees an imposing figure off in the distance. She may be reading too much into things. However, it appears as a crucial detail the show calls attention to for a reason. It's comforting when Jules and Max stop by to support the family. They don't have any more clarity. And yet, it's clear these friendships are meaningful. They know exactly what this family needs to cope in a time like this. They operate on trying to be as honest as possible all the time. That was the mentality Owen exhibited. They were inspired by that. That very notion has been challenged by this situation. Max was told to confront Owen with this story. Instead, she allowed her friendship to prevail. That created this moment of uncertainty. If Owen was arrested, he probably would have posted bail already like Avett did. Hannah consumes the news to stay up to date with this story. Those details are broadcast. People's lives were destroyed because they invested in the new software from The Shop. Owen has received blame. However, none of these people serve as the official investigators. Jake tells Hannah to wait for the update from the man he's hired to figure things out. She calls in a panic because she needs a lawyer. It's convenient that her ex-boyfriend happens to be one. He has defended white collar criminals before. He hears Hannah falling into the same tropes of many oblivious wives. He comforts her while playing into the notion that she was deceived. She didn't see what Owen was capable of. She refuses to accept that narrative. Instead, she believes something more is going on. As such, she presses for details about Austin. It has to be important somehow. Bailey has a memory of attending a college football game while visiting relatives. Owen feared Bailey would grow up with no memories of her mother because she died in a car accident while she was still young. Bailey is comforted by a picture of parents. That's emotional. It grounds her despite the harshness she views her current relationship with Hannah. They are in this together. It's risky to go off on this investigation. And yet, they believe they are the only ones who can ever truly figure out what happened to Owen. They need that truth in order to find any peace at all.