Wednesday, July 26, 2023

REVIEW: 'The Afterparty' - Hannah Shares Her Love for Grace While Sebastian Asks for Feng's Help in 'Hannah'

AppleTV+'s The Afterparty - Episode 2.04 "Hannah"

Like the heroine of a twee indie film, Edgar's adopted sister wanted to stop the wedding because of her own broken heart.

"Hannah" was written by Nicole Delaney and directed by Anu Valia

Grace loved Edgar but ultimately spent more time with Hannah. In fact, they had a secret fling for the month leading up to the wedding. They knew they had to end it but they could never stay away from each other. Grace didn't share this with anyone. Even when she was asked to be completely honest with Aniq and Danner, she didn't mention this relationship as part of her epic love story. She focused instead on her connection with Edgar. She absolutely wanted that to be her great romance. This admission is the latest example of Grace keeping secrets. No one wants to believe she's guilty. Her actions continue to keep the suspicion directly on her. She isn't the only person who acted suspiciously during this weekend. It's crucial to see which details the various guests picked up on. No one knew about this secret connection between Grace and Hannah. It all started after Grace's bachelorette party. Hannah comforted Grace after Zoe shared her doubts about this marriage. Zoe was trying to protect her younger sister. She was concerned Grace and Edgar didn't spend much time together and didn't share many interests. Meanwhile, Hannah is a collector of rare hobbies. She's eccentric in that way. She is so impersonal as well. She doesn't believe she has the right to exist as her own person. She has always been defined as the adopted child in this family. It wasn't a pressure forced upon her by Edgar or their parents. Instead, it was always the narrative she carried inside her own mind. She doesn't know anything about herself. She doesn't know her actual birthday. She doesn't know where she comes from. When she's sad, her mother simply tells her to get over it. She tries her best to follow that advice. And yet, she still carries these big emotions. She has a slanted view of the world. One that defines itself by weird angles that requires people to look closely to see what truly matters. It's a unique framing. It's reminiscent of Wes Anderson's movies. The narration means so much to Hannah. She doesn't identify as herself. Instead, this is a story. It offers a fascinating perspective. She only offers potential motives for killing Edgar. She had access to the murder weapon. She wanted to stop the wedding so she could be with Grace. And yet, she suggests she found peace with the choice Edgar and Grace made. She came to the realization that she needed to break free of the stability of this family estate to find her own place in the world. Grace opened her eyes to new possibilities. It's very much a selfish telling of events. That's what matters to Hannah. She didn't notice any of the details that could reveal who the killer is. This is simply her explanation for her behavior. It was concerning to Aniq, Danner and Zoe. It also points suspicion at another guest with something to hide.

Zoe can't stop herself from trying to protect her sister. She wants to interject in every person's sharing of the night's events. She questions the fling that developed between Grace and Hannah. She only believes it when Grace confesses. It sets her apart from the investigation Aniq and Danner are conducting. This is so personal to her. This is about her family. Aniq and Danner are the outside observers. Aniq wants to become part of the family. He isn't there yet. In fact, the people in the mansion are mostly selfish and only looking to exploit each other for their own personal benefits. Sebastian doesn't care to listen to Feng's business pitch. He simply needs someone who can speak Korean. Even then, the negotiation over the phone is already done by the time Feng makes the call. Feng wants to feel important. He has big ideas. He just needs the investors to make his dreams a reality. He hopes to foster that connection with Sebastian. And yet, Edgar's business partner was fired after the rehearsal dinner. Hannah didn't notice her brother getting drunk and acting weird. That was the first sign of the poisoning. Instead, she recalls Sebastian being the mess of the celebration. She had something to confide to Edgar. She wanted him to have the broken key from her typewriter as a way to remember her. It doesn't incriminate her like Zoe was quick to assume. It's a gesture that doesn't make much sense. It's so weird and specific. More value is projected onto it than it deserves. Hannah appreciates how Edgar always treated her like his biological sister. The two of them have been friends with Sebastian since childhood. Edgar's quirks have always been present. His family adapted to them. They are all incredibly close. That was disrupted during this weekend. It first occurred with Edgar ending his business partnership with Sebastian. That explains the list of names Travis found. He wanted to see some grand conspiracy resulting in Edgar faking his death. Instead, Edgar was trying to manage his business after rejecting whatever Sebastian did. Edgar was killed though. And so, Sebastian operates with more power and influence now. No one knew that he was forced out. Aniq and Danner make that realization now. Sebastian is even still pretending that everything is normal. He projects that confidence to the rest of the world. He doesn't want to scare anyone away from this potential deal. He needs it to work. He's so desperate for it to succeed. It's all a scam. Travis was right with that observation. Everyone has some truth to the stories they share. Hannah may truly have been happy for Edgar and Grace after listening to their vows. That was a personal moment that required a personal sacrifice. Now, she has a second chance. Danner loves love. She wants to know what Hannah will do next. That's the story that interests her. She champions it. It never comes at the expense of the investigation. These personal responses allow her to see just how true everyone's feelings actually are. Hannah is unsure but Danner can see the truth within her.