Wednesday, August 23, 2023

REVIEW: 'Ahsoka' - Ahsoka and Hera Expose Corruption While Sabine Steps Into Her True Self in 'Part Two: Toil and Trouble'

Disney+'s Ahsoka - Episode 1.02 "Part Two: Toil and Trouble"

Ahsoka and General Hera Syndulla travel to New Republic shipyards and make an unexpected discovery.

"Part Two: Toil and Trouble" was written by Dave Filoni and directed by Steph Green

It's time to complete Sabine Wren's training as a Jedi. Ahsoka and Sabine recognize the importance of resuming their roles as Jedi master and apprentice. Both of them had to be ready for the training to start again. Hera asked for further clarity of what that meant. It's nothing more than a feeling both must have. They need to accept the value that comes from this service together. They've been hindered by the past. They carry the weight of those actions everywhere they go. New threats have emerged. They have to move quickly to prevent another war. Ahsoka battles multiple enemies connected to the Force. It's a daunting prospect to face alone. She isn't though. She has allies who are committed to this fight as well. Sabine lost in battle to Shin. She recovers from her injuries quickly. She shares all that she discovered from the map. She even uncovers corruption within the New Republic. People remain loyal to whomever best suites their interests. Many are motivated by greed. Those in the rebellion fought for something greater. They were driven by their ideals. They battled an oppressive regime. They experienced firsthand the horrors frequently carried out by the Empire. They prevailed. Not everyone was defined by that conflict though. People had regular jobs that allowed them to thrive no matter which side emerged victorious. It creates problems now because the New Republic must rely on that same labor. This government has taken over the entire galaxy. It carries so many disparate factions. Not everyone comes together immediately. Compromises have to be made in order to function. That makes it so easy for Imperial leaders to convince others to build what they need. Morgan must assemble a massive ship equipped with powerful hyperdrives to travel to the distant galaxy where Thrawn is captive. Construction is nearly complete. Ahsoka and Hera successfully track her covert operations across the galaxy. They may no longer possess the map. However, they are keenly aware of the movements of their adversaries. Tracking them is just as effective as trying to save their former friend also lost in space. Ezra played a massive role amongst this family within the rebellion. He was gifted. Everyone is trying their best to live up to his sacrifice. Sabine beats herself up for not having the same natural talent. She is only wasting her own time doing so. She's upset over Ahsoka not thinking about her. Her former master doesn't deserve to take her on as an apprentice. And yet, it's childish to carry that burden. The future of the New Republic is at stake. Sabine has to focus on how to move forward instead of forever lingering on the past. She's a different person now. That makes this the perfect time to take up her Mandalorian armor and Jedi lightsaber once more. Ahsoka sees that as well. They simply have to both act on it.

No one can be blind to the war still being fought. Peace didn't emerge simply because the rebellion destroyed the second Death Star and Darth Vader died. A fascist government was overthrown. Everyone is vying to emerge within this newfound race for power. Many are still influential. It's difficult for the New Republic to hold many former Imperial officers accountable for their crimes. The leadership wants to believe in the power of redemption. And yet, no one has any loyalty to this new government if they didn't fight as part of the rebellion. Hera is baffled by that. She is keenly aware of how badly Ahsoka and Sabine need each other. Their dynamic needs to be nurtured. They are both difficult. And yet, that's why they will potentially work. Ahsoka has to complete this story. She can't allow history to be repeated. She's not the prime example of what it means to be a Jedi at a time when so few are left. It's a story of personal responsibility. She is of service to the world at large. She is also of service to these personal relationships. These dynamics were incredibly consequential once. Years have passed. They have gone their separate ways. Reuniting now provides insight into the value they bring as a unit. While Ahsoka battles on the ground against Shin and Marrok, Hera places a tracker on the ship leaving the planet. Similarly, Huyang stays behind to oversee Sabine's recovery and to share his opinions of her behavior. Sabine wields a lightsaber. She doesn't feel any ownership over it. It's still a weapon that belonged to Ezra. She carries it now. She has made modifications. She sees everything from a different perspective. That makes her unique and powerful. She needs to stand firmly in her own identity. That comes from joining Ahsoka on this mission. She must be comfortable in her own skin. She makes that bold stance in front of the mural that memorializes the past. That's significant. The fighting continues. So much more needs to be done. No one gets to enjoy the luxury of walking away. Their paths are clearly depicted in the Force. Jedi masters have easy access to what obstacles await them. Baylan knows Ahsoka will continue to disrupt Morgan's mission to rescue Thrawn. He has that clarity despite the uncertainty of Ahsoka's connection to the Force. She has fought under her current beliefs for a long time. She is neither Jedi nor Sith. She exists beyond those limitations. She expands this world. She is willing to share that expertise. That will make her a more formidable figure in this battle. Morgan knows exactly where to go. Ahsoka is close by ready to strike. She has a personal stake in this conflict. The world will open up with the exploration of a distant galaxy. It plays out as always needing to dictate the terms of the conflict the same as always. Neither side can move past that battle between good and evil. It's always evolving. People simply must cope with their roles in it. They can never be on the sidelines even though others have that luxury to be selfish and greedy. Heroes and villains don't operate like that. That's what this franchise always offers in its stories. It's simple at times. It can still be quite effective.