Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Casting News - Jodi Balfour Will Not Return as a Series Regular for Season 4 of AppleTV+'s 'For All Mankind'

Casting News - August 9, 2023

AppleTV+'s For All Mankind.

  • Jodi Balfour will not return as a series regular for the drama's upcoming fourth season. However, she will appear as a guest star to provide resolution for her character's story. She starred for all three seasons of the drama so far.
  • She played Ellen Waverly, a NASA astronaut-turned President of the United States. In the Season 3 finale, Ellen reunited with her ex-lover Pam (Meghan Leathers) after coming out as a lesbian to the American public at a press conference. She was then threatened with impeachment proceedings. The fate of her presidency was left unresolved as the drama jumped forward in time eight years to 2003.