Thursday, August 10, 2023

REVIEW: 'What We Do In the Shadows' - Guillermo Needs Medical Assistance While Colin Becomes Interesting in 'Urgent Care'

FX's What We Do In the Shadows - Episode 5.06 "Urgent Care"

When Guillermo is injured, Nadja takes him to Urgent Care. Colin has trouble feeding.

"Urgent Care" was written by Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil and directed by Yana Gorskaya

Would the vampires ever fight other vampires to save Guillermo? Would the vampires ever find Colin Robinson interesting? These are the central concepts on display in this episode. The latter question distracts the vampires for a moment when Guillermo really needs assistance. Guillermo's vampire powers are growing stronger. However, he's tentative about testing them. Part of that comes from the unknown status of his transformation. It's also driven by his anxiety and dread over Nandor finding out what he did. That terrifies Guillermo. He has the confidence to fly when Laszlo pushes him. Once Nandor enters the room though, he loses all control. Before that, Guillermo was proud enough to show his ability to move his glasses a little bit up his head via telekinesis. That's a major victory in his mind. Under duress, he's capable of some pretty incredible feats. Of course, that was true before he transformed. He was a skilled vampire hunter. The vampires have come to accept that part of his identity. They do so knowing that he never wants to kill them. He loves them. Love informs all of these relationships even though everyone is reluctant to express it all the time. They care about these friendships and don't want anything bad to happen to each other. They are always going to be selfish. But they also protect their own. They profess how they don't really care. They actually do. That makes these dynamics richer and more complex. Nandor professes that getting pants for Guillermo is enough compassion he needs to show to his familiar for a few years. Now, it's time for Nadja to care for him. She doesn't want to take him to urgent care. Guillermo doesn't want to go either. He fears what human doctors will think upon examining his vampire blood. Meanwhile, Nadja worries that the vampire doctor she employs for the job will want to kill Guillermo for being a vampire hunter. That's the truth she believes hides in his blood. So much more is happening within Guillermo. Laszlo is more than willing to conduct experiments to see what exactly Guillermo has become. He tests the limits of science. He injects frogs with Guillermo's blood to see how they respond. Only one survives. However, it displays some pretty incredible powers as well. The only thing limiting Guillermo's potential is himself. His fear is justified. Nadja fights several people to prevent his death because she wants to preserve that choice for Nandor. It's ultimately up to him to decide the fate of his familiar. Nadja can't believe how ungrateful Guillermo is for cheating on Nandor. He's a great vampire. Guillermo would be likely to receive this transformation from him. That was never going to happen. Guillermo tried to take ahold of his own fate. It only revealed how stuck he remains in this life. Nadja knows the truth. She will keep the secret even though she isn't happy about it.

Elsewhere, Colin Robinson can't feed because people suddenly find him too interesting. It all starts with a black eye. Suddenly, people want to hear his stories. He can't drain them because his confidence is gone. Everything he shares is actually pretty amazing. It's remarkable for the people listening. Laszlo has built a machine to transfer energy from one life to another. Nandor doesn't believe they have to go to that extreme. An application of makeup should be enough to recreate normalcy for Colin. It doesn't. Instead, he and Nandor wind up in a car driven by John Slattery who is doing a much better job at boring them through his fascination with accents. Nandor has a unique one. And yet, this latest celebrity cameo is more curious with Colin's. All of the vampires should be on equal footing on the show. They have unique responses and abilities. They are all hilarious with their unique perspectives on the world. Colin sees life differently than the other vampires in the house. He has the ability to walk in the sun. Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja have always been annoyed when Colin drains them of their energy. However, they have accepted that as part of life. That's how they live with him. They don't want that to change. He's useful in far too many situations. Nandor goes out of his way to support Colin. He pumps him up and tries to find easy victims. Nothing works. In the end, he is willing to sacrifice his life for his friend. Colin and Laszlo bond over the science that makes this transference possible. They get distracted. That creates more problems. The vampires are constantly being pulled in many directions. They always have the safety and comfort of returning to this solid foundation of friendship. Even when that is tested, it's relatively easy for the vampires to fight to save their own. That includes Colin Robinson. That isn't his actual name as he reveals to Nandor. Colin also possesses the ability to transfer his energy to others. That's what happens when he is too interesting. That's possible despite how much has changed in his century as a vampire. He remembers the past. Bonds were formed and made stronger during his year as a child. He's perceptive of some changes. He acknowledges all that is done to preserve this life. It's still easy to go back to the comfort of his life in the basement. He doesn't care about what's happening with Guillermo. Nandor is easily fooled. He believes the mutant frog is just an example of Guillermo slacking in his responsibilities around the house. He doesn't believe his familiar has become a vampire. Guillermo doesn't even know the full truth. He's willing to confess everything when the other vampires grow suspicious. Things are different with Nandor. He loves him the most of all. That love made him accept waiting for this for over a decade. And now, he believes he messed it all up. He deals with those lingering consequences while the vampires always fix their problems within a few hours. That's all they need. Guillermo spends more time fretting over what may be. He's powerful and deserving of more. He may not ever receive that grace because he's still too intimidated by the vampires he lives with. That hasn't changed even though he can put up an even stronger fight against them should he ever want to.