Wednesday, September 6, 2023

REVIEW: 'Ahsoka' - Personal Feelings Cloud Sabine's Judgment Over What Has to Be Done in 'Part Four: Fallen Jedi'

Disney+'s Ahsoka - Episode 1.04 "Part Four: Fallen Jedi"

Hera risks her career to help her friends while Ahsoka and Sabine confront enemies.

"Part Four: Fallen Jedi" was written by Dave Filoni and directed by Peter Ramsey

Ahsoka acknowledges that preventing anyone from traveling to a distant galaxy to rescue Thrawn and Ezra is the only viable option now. When she first retrieved the map, she wasn't motivated to destroy it. It carried tremendous power. That information would be dangerous in the hands of Morgan Elsbeth. Ahsoka wanted to unlock the map. She reunited with Sabine knowing she too would be personally motivated in this mission. The two butted heads over the past. However, they accepted that they were ready to resume training together. They were quickly thrown back into the mission. Construction is nearly compete on the massive ship that can travel this vast distance in a relatively short amount of time. No backup is coming either. The leaders of the New Republic don't see the gravity of the threat. Their enemies are plotting something that could dramatically alter the power dynamics of the universe. It's serious. Other concerns were prioritized. That was the response of the new government. Hera wasn't just going to accept that. Instead, she leads a committed squadron to assist Ahsoka and Sabine. It's too late. Nothing can stop this mission. Ahsoka knew what had to be done. It's her responsibility to make the tough decisions regardless of her personal feelings. Sabine refuses to accept that. She was given reason to hope. Ezra could be saved. She doesn't want to lose him again. She makes her choice. She hands the map back to Baylan for the calculations to be complete. He promises her that no harm will come to her. In fact, she can even join them on this mission. They have different motivations for wanting to rescue these crucial figures. Baylan believes the world has to be destroyed in order for something new to be created. The color of his lightsaber symbolizes that he sympathizes with the Dark Side. However, he is weary over all that he has endured throughout his life. Everyone in the Jedi Order knew who Anakin Skywalker was. Few had the luxury of seeing what he became. His story was so influential. The world has moved beyond him now. The forces of good and evil are still fighting wars as defined by events in the past. Everyone fears the power that looms from Thrawn's grand return. That could unite the scattered remains of the Empire. The New Republic is trying hard to establish a better world. For many people though, life hasn't changed at all. As such, it's cynical for them to believe in the morality that defined the long-fought war. True believers never doubted the stakes. Ordinary citizens don't care as much. Every form of government is corrupt. They just have to adapt to whatever is decided for them. Baylan takes ahold of that opportunity. He's hired for this job. He's effective at keeping the map safe. He destroys it so no one can follow them. He understands the influence Thrawn will wield. That's beneficial to Baylan's cause. He crafts a convincing argument on Sabine as well.

Ahsoka knew Sabine was conflicted too. She asked repeatedly if her apprentice could be trusted. Sabine saw that as her master repeating the same patterns. Ahsoka was acting as if Sabine isn't reliable. Sabine's judgment is clouded. She only focuses on the potential of seeing Ezra again. She holds him close. She has been unable to move on. The war continued. The rebels won. Celebrations are thrown in their honor. Sabine doesn't seek to participate. Ahsoka and Huyang understand what's needed for this mission to succeed. Knowing that is far different from following through on what's required. Huyang shares that Ahsoka and Sabine need to stick together. They will thank him when it's done. And yet, the master and her apprentice are constantly pushed away. Shin and Marrok seek to divide and conquer. Ahsoka succeeds in her battle with Marrok. Meanwhile, Sabine allows Ahsoka to continue with the mission while she keeps Shin busy. Sabine doesn't have a strong connection with the Force. She's still learning. She has the weapons to make her formidable in a fight. Sabine and Shin are pretty even in their rematch. But the plan to divide was still accomplished. Ahsoka heads into battle with Baylan alone. They have never met before. They have this storied history of the Jedi Order. It's informed by the grand legacy of Anakin Skywalker. That weighs on Ahsoka. She was his apprentice. She walked away. Baylan theorizes that it was because of what Anakin was becoming. That broad generalization doesn't work. Ahsoka doesn't need to relitigate the past. She's trying to protect the present. She hopes for a better future. She cannot allow Thrawn to return. Too much is at stake. She fails to destroy the map. Morgan's ship makes the jump. Hera's squadron is no match for that massive disruption to space. The rebels are powerless. Sabine is a prisoner. She's alive. Everything is suddenly inconsequential. Morgan has the power to make this all happen. Meanwhile, Huyang is left alone on the ship crying out for anyone to respond. Ahsoka was thrown from a cliff. She wakes up in a different space. The vast emptiness is only brought to order by the voice of her former master. Ahsoka is pleased to see Anakin again. She's grateful he found peace and redemption before his death. She knew him from a different time. She was horrified by his reign as Darth Vader. This simplicity allows her to confront the past. It's also delivered with the ominous feeling that her death is imminent. The two are reunited much sooner than they should. Anakin may still have much to teach Ahsoka. And yet, the threat to the galaxy is urgent. Ahsoka clings to life. She failed in her mission. She was concerned about Sabine's commitment. Personal feelings were too powerful. She saw how those corrupted Anakin. She doesn't want history to repeat itself. So much more is happening as well. People can't be summed up by how their lives abide by the rules of the Jedi Order. Ahsoka walked away. She helps others. It's just amounted to a lonely life where she is incapable of preventing the most imminent danger to the galaxy. And now, she's taken back to where it all started by reuniting with Anakin.