Tuesday, September 12, 2023

REVIEW: 'Ahsoka' - Ahsoka Completes Her Training While Fighting Between Life and Death in 'Part Five: Shadow Warrior'

Disney+'s Ahsoka - Episode 1.05 "Part Five: Shadow Warrior"

Ahsoka confronts her past, while Hera and her allies undertake a rescue mission.

"Part Five: Shadow Warrior" was written by Dave Filoni and directed by Dave Filoni

Anakin never completed Ahsoka's training. He has the opportunity to remedy that after she lands in the World Between Worlds following her battle with Baylan. She remains strong with the Force and skilled at wielding a lightsaber. And yet, the turmoil over her past continues to plague her. So much of that extends from the choices Anakin made. He is seen as the age he was when he was training her. She's older and wiser. She also has more to learn. Anakin aspires to teach her this final lesson. He remains connected to her through the Force. She struggles to reckon between the man who trained her and the vicious force of the dark side that towered over the galaxy for so long. Ahsoka isn't responsible for what happened to Anakin. He carried that complex struggle internally. He was always torn. It was a constant battle. He was never lost. He was never beyond redemption. Luke saw that within his father. He brought out the good once more. It was short-lived. Death came quickly thereafter. That family lineage was resolved in a way that brought peace. It's not until the next generation comes along that the conflict swirls once more. Ahsoka is a part of this infamous legacy too. She will always live in the shadow of what Anakin did. She can never be more than that. That was the condescending view Baylan took as he beat her into submission. He destroyed the map so the New Republic had no way of following Morgan's ship. Sabine joined the adventure because they share similar goals. Now, those left behind are tasked with rescuing her as well. Ahsoka and Sabine accepted that they were ready to train together again. They hoped to pick up the pieces anew and forge a stronger bond moving forward. And yet, so much was lost because of the cruel twists of time. They were thrown immediately into this conflict. Ahsoka was trained to fight as a Jedi. That was the only way she could survive. The Jedi Order was founded on the principle of maintaining peace and balance throughout the galaxy. That mission changed right when Ahsoka began training with Ahsoka. Instead, the Jedi were tasked with leading armies. Ahsoka was so young yet trusted with that immense responsibility. Her talents were noted and encouraged. It's best for her to remember those basic instincts. Anakin forged her into the warrior she is today. However, she has to actively choose to live. She would be accepted by the Jedi in whatever comes after death. This isn't the time for that. More training is required. A mission must be completed. Anakin receives that peace all over again. Ahsoka finds that acceptance as well. She is more than everything Anakin was and passed down. She comes from a strong line of Jedi who trained and embraced these concepts. Anakin had his own struggle. That doesn't come at the expense of all that came before him.

Ahsoka's training took place over decades. She walked away from the Jedi Order because she became disillusioned with their ideals. She walks a different path. She saw that as the better way. It's how the world needed to evolve. Jedi leaders were blind for too long. She was reluctant to take anyone on as her apprentice. She didn't join Luke as he aims to rebuild the Order. His path is his own. Every Jedi is informed by the past. They are connected through the Force to all living things. It requires a willingness to listen and engage to truly master it all. Time is running out. Hera can only stay on Seatos looking for Ahsoka and Sabine for so long. She led a squadron of fighters on an unauthorized mission. Her command may be taken from her. She has no evidence to prove her allegations about Morgan and Thrawn are true. She has complete faith in Ahsoka and Sabine though. Sabine made a different choice. She sacrificed the fate of the entire galaxy to rescue her friend. That bond remains strong despite the many years that have past. She hasn't moved beyond that sacrifice. Her growth has been stunted. Many are willing to exploit the universe for their own personal gain. The future may be damned because of Sabine's personal feelings. Ahsoka recognizes the choice. She feels powerless as there is no way to stop this coming conflict. And yet, she just needs to open up to the Purrgil that emerge from the sky once more. Morgan built a mechanical beast that can make this venture to another galaxy. Meanwhile, Ahsoka relies on the mystical connections that form all existence to open a pathway. She's trusting that her plea was communicated effectively. A Purrgil opens its mouth and allows her passage to its next destination. She doesn't know where they are going. It's better than feeling as if nothing can be done. Sacrifices are still made. Hera and Carson's careers are on the line. They return to the New Republic fleet having nothing to show for their insubordination. All they have is trust. They know Ahsoka will find Sabine and bring her home. They know Ahsoka will prevent Thrawn from exerting his influence over the galaxy once more. Her training was incomplete. She has emerged stronger after her reunion with Anakin. She too trusts in the path laid out for her. It's striking in its grand mysteries. She doesn't know what fate awaits her. The Force remains strong in so many people. Jacen's connection gave Hera the confidence to keep looking for Ahsoka. She would return once her journey was finished. Ahsoka wants to live. In many ways, she remained the young padawan tailing Anakin throughout the Clone Wars. Life has moved on. She remained influential. Her actions had consequences. But now, she sees the power that comes from embracing the past. She acknowledges that the legacy of the Jedi is one of immense complexities and personal emotions. That makes her stronger. That's an asset as she prepares for the daunting battle ahead.