Tuesday, September 19, 2023

REVIEW: 'Ahsoka' - Thrawn and Ezra Finally Return to the Narrative to Reunite With Their Long Lost Allies in 'Part Six: Far, Far Away'

Disney+'s Ahsoka - Episode 1.06 "Part Six: Far, Far Away"

The search for Grand Admiral Thrawn reaches beyond the limits of the galaxy.

"Part Six: Far, Far Away" was written by Dave Filoni and directed by Jennifer Getzinger

Star Wars famous starts with the line "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." That was the introduction into this universe for the viewer. Huyang recites the phrase upon returning to the stories he once shared during his teachings at the Jedi Temple. Ahsoka recalls that history between them. She fondly returns to the past as a result of traveling in the mouth of a Purrgil. It's a miraculous adventure. One that seemed like fiction when it was simply a story from a long time ago. It remains relevant today. Reminiscing over the past provides Ahsoka and Huyang with a way to pass the time before they arrive at their fateful destination. Meanwhile, Baylan left the Jedi Order a long time ago. And yet, he still carries these stories close. They are more than folktales meant to impart some meaningful lesson on the younglings. They carry secrets and power. Shin only sees a wasteland as she looks around the planet that has imprisoned Thrawn for years. Baylan sees opportunity. He has experienced life long enough to know the cyclical nature of the universe. The Jedi rise and fall. It's constantly being repeated. The Empire also rose and fell. That's the only fate that awaits their corner of the galaxy. Nothing can break the thousands of species from that known quantity. So many remain fighting the battles of the past. Morgan is desperate to return Grand Admiral Thrawn to his rightful place as the heir to the Empire. That power will always be limited. It will only exist for a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. Baylan seeks out something much more influential. It calls to him. He's not terrified by the magic of the Great Mothers who delivered this message to Morgan. They are on a separate path. He's informed by the stories that were handed down generation to generation. He sees a different future. One brimming with opportunities. He's training Shin to be much more than a Jedi. He doesn't seek to limit her to that binary understanding of the world. She can't see his vision. In fact, it's increasingly clear the final conflict of this story will take place in this distant galaxy. It's the birthplace of so much that informs the galaxy as the world currently understands it. New technology had to be developed simply to make it to this place. It presents as a graveyard for any creature that tried to wander here. Those pieces remain as a stark warning. And yet, life still persists. Species find a way to survive and thrive. They adapt. Vicious threats may come from anywhere. So much is possible as well. Everyone worries about the danger intended for the world they have always known. But now, the narrative depends on how these characters behave and treat a new environment. One that carries plenty of secrets. It holds the potential to reunite long lost friends. It's also at the nexus of the fate for all living creatures. That's a ton of pressure placed on characters who simply want to reunite with the friends they've lost along the way.

Thrawn receives a warning that a formidable Jedi is coming. He was banished to this existence by a young Jedi without a plan. It still worked. Thrawn was removed from the conflict long enough for the rebels to prevail. The New Republic is still in its early days. However, the galaxy has reason to hope. They are looking to build a more prosperous existence. It's hard to move on from the past. Sabine has never stopped yearning for Ezra. Ahsoka was distraught over Sabine willingly handing the map over to Baylan and joining him on this adventure. She blames herself for not having enough time to teach her. This was always the core instinct within Sabine though. She was always fated to make this decision. Even Ezra knew that she would one day find him. Of course, she doesn't immediately have a way to bring him home. The ship that brought her here is controlled by their adversaries. It will put them into direct conflict with Thrawn all over again. Thrawn doesn't particularly care who makes the journey home alongside him. He's grateful to the Great Mothers for making this possible through their dark magic. He's counting on them once more to finish the job. He needs their assistance given the power Ahsoka wields. That's an imminent threat to his ambition. He aspires for so much more. He doesn't yearn to conquer a new galaxy. He wants to loom over the one taken from him. That's all within his grasp now. Sabine's quest for Ezra is relatively small in comparison. He doesn't even view Baylon and Shin as consequential. The mercenaries' interests were aligned with Morgan. That partnership may no longer be required. To Thrawn, it would be great if more Jedi were killed. Those are his enemies - including those who rejected the old teachings. They stand in the way of him exerting his complete dominance. Ezra has thrived in this isolation for the same amount of time. He doesn't lord over an army of stormtroopers. Instead, he has befriended the local species. They protect him. They've evolved to escape danger. Ezra fits in as part of their community. It's wise not to stay in one place for too long. It's miraculous that Sabine finds him. They are reunited. It's such a joyous moment. It's a relief. It means every sacrifice was worth it. It produced this moment. She doesn't believe Thrawn could ever understand the choices she's made. They are beyond his comprehension even though he asserts himself as the masterful tactician. Friendship is something worth advocating for and fighting to uphold. Ezra and Sabine trust those bonds despite how bleak things have been for a long time. Ezra has never known peace. And now, Ahsoka is coming to hopefully save the day. She feels that pressure. She's not alone in this fight despite the daunting army that's ready to confront her once she arrives for this fateful confrontation. Her allies on the ground stand reunited even with their humble circumstances.