Tuesday, November 7, 2023

REVIEW: 'Found' - The Latest Case Requires Gabi to Share Details With the Team About Her Family in 'Missing While Addicted'

NBC's Found - Episode 1.06 "Missing While Addicted"

When Gabi takes the case of a missing man on behalf of his mother, it causes disagreement among the team. Her dogged pursuit of the truth leads to a shocking revelation.

"Missing While Addicted" was written by Jennifer A. King and directed by Nikhil Paniz

Rachel wants Gabi to track down her son before she dies. Her health is deteriorating quickly. The family believes David has relapsed upon learning about her terminal diagnosis. He presents as the first case where the victim hasn't been abducted. Instead, he has gone missing as a result of his addiction. His dependence on drugs has caused harm on his family. The close bond he shares with his mother has never been broken. And yet, he's at risk of not being able to say goodbye. Gabi doesn't want that. She suffered a similar fate. She didn't make it to the hospital in time before her father died. The team perceives that as the reason why she is behaving differently over the last few months. Of course, the audience has no way to gauge her behavior before and after that event. Moreover, the narrative quickly goes back to what it knows with the reveal that David truly is being held against his will somewhere. The show feels compelled to break from its patterns to keep every story engaged and interesting. It can also rely too much on what has already been established.

A trauma in childhood has tragically defined this family for the rest of their lives. Gabi relates to that. She was held by Sir for a year. He tried his best to break her spirit. He tried to mold her in his image so she would depend on him instead of yearn for her former life. She constantly worries about her father. His absentmindedness has caused problems in the past. When Sir provides a photo of what her father is doing, he hopes it ruins Gabi. Instead, she refuses to abide by the narrative her kidnapper lays out for her. It's not destined to work in his favor. She can't be broken. She's filled with hope realizing that her father is caring for himself. In that moment, she can't see the pain of his addiction. She believes that everything will be fixed as soon as the family is reunited. It's a naive belief. It's what keeps her going. That's how she stands in opposition to what Sir wants to do. She isn't going to betray the values her parents gave her. This tragedy still shaped their dynamics forever. That could never be denied. The addiction took over until it claimed her father's life.

In David's case, his addiction doesn't kill him. Instead, his mother passes away with the clarity her son has been found. She wanted to hold his hand. He offers the truth of what happened to his sister all those years ago. His cousin pushed her and she fell to her death. Lucas confesses to the crime. David carried this secret. Drugs couldn't numb his pain. He couldn't forget this overpowering secret he carried. In sobriety, he found the courage to stand up to his cousin. He needed to tell Rachel the truth before she died. He was held hostage because Lucas sought to protect himself. Margaret didn't see the warning signs that he was concealing something sinister. She knew there was more to the story based on the first interaction. And yet, he deceived the team. It takes keen observations to realize what he is willing to do to preserve his secret. David is the collateral damage. He has suffered for years. Now, he is free. He loses his mother. That's heartbreaking. This doesn't need to end in a tragic spiral where his addiction takes hold. More is possible without people taking advantage of him.

Gabi and Dhan have personal histories with people they know struggling with addiction. Dhan warns Gabi not to take this case. She doesn't listen. In fact, she breaks more laws than usual to provide mother and son with the peace they need in death. Everyone sees how determined she is. They force a confession. The team idolizes Gabi because of how she saved them. She always provides the advice they need to continue coping with what happened in the past. They are learning to rely on each other too. Margaret sees the value in entering therapy. She's looking into it as a possibility. Dhan confides in Zeke about his best friend whose addiction plagued him on the battlefield. These characters are constantly asking if things could have been different. If one action was altered in some way, would their lives have been better? That's pure agony that they inflict on themselves. The support they offer each other is comforting. Of course, Gabi is still carrying a massive secret. As such, she still has her guard up. She can't offer the team the clarity they need to continue working for her. They notice the difference. They see the change in behavior. They simply don't know how to explain it.

The timeline certainly suggests that Gabi's father died around the same time that she found Sir and imprisoned him in her basement. That loss is the latest grief she's enduring. Their relationship was shaped by Sir's actions. And now, Sir is a prominent figure in Gabi's life once more. She cares for him. She depends on his expertise. Moreover, she has the freedom to unleash all her pent up emotions at him. It doesn't matter what he shares. Sure, she still listens. She must judge whether his information can be trusted. However, he continues to try to worm his way into influencing her life. The changes may be subtle. They are still unnerving. They showcase how she is changing because she was willing to harm Sir in this way. All of that may now be exposed because Trent shows up at her house. He has been suspended after she stole information detailing the identity of a criminal informant. That was just one of the procedures Gabi broke to find David. It may ultimately cost him his job. That depends on the outcome of the investigation. The more pressing concern is Gabi letting someone inside her home for the first time since Sir's been locked up. He hears what's happening above. It's now his decision on what to do next. He dictates that outcome. Gabi no longer has that control which is absolutely terrifying once more.