Tuesday, December 12, 2023

REVIEW: 'Found' - Gabi Makes a Damning Realization About Her Time with Sir in the Cabin in 'Missing While Interracial'

NBC's Found - Episode 1.11 "Missing While Interracial"

When a Black man goes missing his family turns to M&A, but suspicions begin to swirl when he's implicated in the disappearance of a white woman. Gabi digs in on her search for Annie, the girl she saw at the cabin. Sir reveals why he kidnapped Gabi.

"Missing While Interracial" was written by Michael G. Peterson and directed by Michael Schultz

Sir was telling the truth about Annie. Gabi could never accept that. He is a pathological liar. Nothing he says can be trusted. Moreover, she refuses to believe Annie would just abandon her at the cabin. Gabi rallied because she was fighting to save another person. Annie came back to rescue her. She knew she was there against her will. She knew precisely what Sir was doing. Annie's notes provided Gabi with the hope to continue fighting. She had to push back to ensure a different outcome. And yet, Annie's story didn't end with Sir killing her. Sir led Gabi to believe that. He used one convenient ribbon to offer that suggestion. It wasn't the truth. Instead, he continued to manipulate the outside world into accepting that Annie was the crazy one. She was institutionalized because no one believed her. He was lucky he could take advantage of the situation in that way. He couldn't do so with Gabi after her escape. He spent a life on the run. He never gave up what he always imagined this family to be.

Sir built trust with Gabi as her teacher. He believed she completely depended on him for validation. His lies were convincing enough to believe he could be trusted to take her to his personal library. However, he failed in his analysis of her relationship with her friends and father. He executed his plan no matter how she felt. It was all about his control. He exerted his power. She grows terrified the more she realizes she cannot escape. She was once thrilled by the novels in his collection. She appreciates being able to borrow whatever she wants. She doesn't recognize the peril until it's too late. She never had any doubts about Sir's motives. He was always a reliable teacher until that point. He wanted more. He imagined a family connection between them. One where they needed to support and uplift each other no matter what. That's how his brain is wired. He is a narcissist who demands someone be subjugated to his will. He tried and failed with Annie. He saw a better opportunity with Gabi. He failed with her as well. And yet, the darkness has creeped into her world once more.

For the longest time, Gabi didn't know Sir continued to stalk her. She felt she was free of him. Yes, he was still free in the world somewhere. However, she felt safe because she refused to believe he would risk everything by targeting her once more. That would be too dangerous. That's precisely how he behaved though. Lacey still locks her doors terrified Sir will return and take her again. That is completely rational based on how he has responded over the last two decades - even if Lacey is unaware of that truth. Gabi insists her development as a person has nothing to do with Sir. He didn't mold her into another version of himself. And yet, she has compromised her values by keeping him in the basement. She was only capable of kidnapping because of him. He only has value so long as the mystery with Annie was unresolved. But now, Gabi has answers. She no longer has purpose for Sir. He no longer deserves to carry her down into the darkness. Sure, a mystery persists as to who she calls. She lets it slip to Trent that she's possibly still communicating with Sir. He's perceptive. Gabi always shows up for her friends when they need it. She doesn't ask for much in return. That's a way to exert control as well even though it's unintentional.

Gabi fights back against public perceptions. She doesn't know what to initially believe with the latest case. A Black family hires her to find their missing son, Brandon. The police were helpful at the start but Trent quickly stopped sharing updates. Instead, the evidence pointed to Brandon possibly abducting Allison, a white woman. The families don't know any possible connections between them. Moreover, Brandon suffers from PTSD and brought supplies to hold her against her will. The information becomes public. Through social media, a lynch mob essentially forms. Everyone is quick to condemn Brandon. They refuse to see him as a hero. He is no longer a brave soldier wearing the uniform. Instead, he has come home to take advantage of an innocent person. Gabi works on behalf of both victims. She doesn't know the full story. She doesn't want to play into any assumptions of the case. Sir goads her with observations about romanticizing the victims. He isn't accurate with that assessment. Gabi doesn't need his perspective to be good at the job. She simply needs everyone to work together and acknowledge the truth. A romantic camping trip went awry somehow. Acting with urgency now is the only way to save both lives.

Brandon is a hero. He's willing to sacrifice his life to save Allison. They are bonded. That story should be uplifted and championed. The narrative makes a big deal out of media perception and the impact it has on these cases. It ultimately matters the most for the families within the crisis. Gabi speaks out on stories that would normally never be covered. She is a voice for the powerless. She fights back against anyone trying to distort her work. She isn't spinning the truth to make her clients look better in the press. She is fighting for people who have no one else looking for them. Her work is primarily focused on the present. She wants to delve more into cold cases. She is rarely given the opportunity. Moreover, she denies finding immediate satisfaction in Annie's case in order to support Margaret. Everyone worries about her as she struggles to stay away from the bus station for as long as possible. She is putting in the work to address the underlying emotions she feels about her trauma. She doesn't want to let go of the past. Her therapist isn't asking her to give up hope. Margaret simply needs to replace the negative emotions with ones that are productive for her life and the relationship she has with her loved ones. Gabi is right by her side. Everyone will benefit from Margaret addressing her pain. That allows her to be more available for others even if some incredible twist occurs in her son's case.