Tuesday, January 9, 2024

REVIEW: 'Found' - Dhan Is Upset with Gabi Upon Learning About Sir's Contributions to the Team in 'Missing While Eccentric'

NBC's Found - Episode 1.12 "Missing While Eccentric"

When a confused and battered young woman lands on Zeke's doorstep and says she was kidnapped and her abductor still has her friends, the team races to put the minimal clues together. Gabi shares devastating news with Dhan.

"Missing While Eccentric" was written by Sonay Hoffman and directed by David McWhirter

Dhan is the only member of Gabi's team she trusts to let in on her personal search for Sir. He was the one who ultimately found her kidnapper. Sir evaded law enforcement for twenty years. He kept close to Gabi. She searched for him. Dhan provided Gabi with clarity on where he was. For almost a year, he has believed his boss was a killer. That was the punishment she exacted on her abuser after all these years. That's what he assumed when an arrest was never made. Gabi believes he will respond rationally upon learning the truth of her deception. And yet, it's a deeply personal betrayal. Gabi has become just like the monsters who inflicted trauma on every member of the team. It's visceral for Dhan because he was held in a cage underground. He understands Sir's plight. That doesn't mean he has empathy. He simply has rage for Gabi. He doesn't understand how she could let this happen for months. Asking Sir for help with the cases also taints everything she set out to do. Everything is a lie. Dhan can barely stand to look at the woman he once admired so much.

Dhan knows the only reason Gabi trusts him is because she expects him to finally kill Sir. She can't do so herself. She doesn't have the conviction to take a life. At one point, Dhan would have been willing to do so without asking any questions. He has made a ton of progress over the last year. He was helped by his husband and his co-workers. He's still reluctant to share details about his past trauma. However, he always leads with empathy. He is at risk of backsliding because so much of his self-esteem was built by his faith in Gabi. He realizes she has been corrupted. She carries this darkness too. As such, he has the potential to no longer trust himself or his instincts. He can't be around Gabi even when the latest case requires the team to work together. Offering that support has allowed many lives to be saved. It's now compromised because of what Gabi has done. She's ready for this darkness in the basement to be done. She allows Dhan in. He's furious. Things change when Dhan is suddenly responsible for deciding what actions need to be taken to save a life.

Most of the time clients walk into the Mosley & Associates office to hire Gabi and her team to find their missing loved ones. Suddenly, Zeke finds himself in a position to help someone in need. He sees a woman running down the street looking for a safe place to hide from her captor. He offers her refuge. He's the perfect person for Ayesha to find. He works cases precisely like hers. He has the contacts to offer immediate help. It's what she needs right now because her friends are still being held against their will. The team struggles with what to believe because the details of her story don't make much sense. It's simply the way her brain processed everything given the trauma inflicted on her. She was drugged. She was susceptible to suggestion. She blended fantasy and reality. It all carries deep personal meaning for her. She belongs to a fandom that relishes a fantasy novel. Parallels in the book are drawn out in real life. Ayesha lashed out after suffering from a personal tragedy. Gabi relates to that feeling. She knows what it's like to be taken. She blames herself for what happened. Fixing the present won't change the past though. Instead, it only leads to patterns repeating.

Gabi doesn't receive Zeke's warning in time. He discovers that the kidnapper operates a white truck. Once Gabi gets that clue, she is taken. She is once again held against her will. She taunted the criminal. She provoked him into action. This case is personal for her. She knows what it's like to be a young Black woman who goes missing. For the longest time, she believed no one was looking for her. That's not true. Her father agonized over her disappearance. He even confided in Sir believing he was the only other person in the world who cared about Gabi. Sir cruelly taunted Gabi's father by denying him what he wanted more than anything else. He aims to weaponize this information against Gabi. She sees right through the manipulation. She doesn't experience the world the same way he does. He is broken. She inflicts that pain onto him. The power she has to lift people up and heal them can also be damaging when targeting heinous individuals. Sir is one of them. And yet, his expertise is still required. No one wants to give him the satisfaction of being proven right. However, he has an extreme response to Gabi's abduction just like every other member of the team.

This case proves how dependent everyone truly is on Gabi. She assembled this team knowing the skills they brought. She required their insight to actually save lives. She needs all of them to emerge successful. They are all pained by personal stories of abductions. They endured the pain themselves or their loved ones did. Gabi healed them. They would all immediately crumble if they couldn't find Gabi. They all need her. That's how they feel safe and secure in an otherwise dangerous world. Gabi is capable of fighting back. She uncovers the truth about her abductors alongside the rest of the team. It's a husband and wife partnership. The woman takes this as honoring her vow to him. He twisted that meaning to exert his own depraved fantasies. He enacted power over marginalized people who felt alone in the world. Gabi sees the connections. She understands the power that comes from reaching out and interacting with the world. Dhan knows why she did what she did with Sir. It produces another satisfying conclusion. Gabi isn't missing for long. She is saved. She also has clarity about what must be done next. It wasn't fair to ask anyone else to deal with Sir. Now, she must own up to what she did. She must be held accountable. Sir will be punished. Gabi will be too. Her team will know the truth. Lying is no longer an option given how much they have sacrificed to save her and everything she stands for. They believe they will grow stronger because of the confidence she leads them with. They can do that for each other. It's just harder for them to see and accept that.