Tuesday, January 16, 2024

REVIEW: 'Found' - Gabi's Latest Revelation About Sir Places the Entire Team in Danger in 'Missing While Forgotten'

NBC's Found - Episode 1.13 "Missing While Forgotten"

Gabi unravels as the team receives an anonymous tip about one of its most important cases - a missing girl they've been tracking for months. Gabi makes a shocking discovery about Sir.

"Missing While Forgotten" was written by Nkechi Okoro Carroll and directed by Nikhil Paniz

Gabi waited too long to tell her team about Sir. He escaped confinement in her basement. It was never realistic that he would run away. He views his purpose in life as being closely connected to Gabi. He became obsessed with her the moment she stepped into his classroom. She was a student who liked to read. She was capable of grappling with many difficult subjects. He viewed her as intellectually superior to her classmates. She was worthy of his praise and attention. Despite being new, she was smarter and more insightful than everyone. When she was teased, Sir exacted punishment. He poisoned a fellow student. Even after that, Gabi still led with empathy. She never wanted another student to feel bad. She paid no attention to the teasing he offered. She was strong and confident in herself. Her identity was secure. Sir was the one who broke her. He saw a vessel to mold in his image. He had to take her. Even after all these years, he can't let go. He will never stop invading Gabi's life. As a result, the rest of the team is in danger. Even revealing the truth isn't enough to guarantee their safety.

The story positions it as Sir preparing to leave until he noticed Dasheka at the rail station. He saw a way back into Gabi's life. It was a convenient connection that needed to be exploited. Dasheka's disappearance was one of the past cases that went cold. Gabi carries all of those personally. Sir knew that. He ensured Gabi and the team would get distracted despite his escape. Gabi and Dhan unravel to the point where everyone is concerned about their well-being. They project it all as happening for a good reason. They are trying to protect each other. But they are also taking risks that jeopardize all that they have built. Dhan's husband fears he'll do something he can't take back. That can undo all the progress he has made since he was rescued. Gabi is the only person who can twist his reality in that way. He would do anything for her. He carries the burden of continually tracking Sir. He offers the reassurance that Sir has assumed a new identity and left the country. It's not until the end that Gabi realizes Sir will never leave her alone. That's just not who he is.

Meanwhile, Dasheka was taken by someone she knew. She was protecting her kidnapper when she was seen in public. Her grandmother wanted to protect her from an abusive household. No one took her concerns seriously. The agent at Child Protective Services was bought off. He was more concerned about affording a luxurious life than protecting innocent children. That's his job. He abuses his power. He doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. Plenty of people were blind to the truth. Dasheka's father never saw the abuse. He didn't want to believe it was happening. He trusted in his daughter's independence. He didn't believe his new wife could behave in such a way. She took that power believing it was the only way to offer discipline. That's horrifying. She's arrested for her behavior. Dasheka's grandmother is as well. The preteen still wants to protect the people who love her. She wants to maintain a nurturing environment for her maternal grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's. He did nothing wrong. He's afraid of strangers. He needs family now more than ever.

The team at Mosley and Associates has operated as a makeshift family as well. They lean on each other for support. They confide in each other details that they have never shared with anyone before. Margaret has been willing to confront her trauma because of the support she receives at work. Zeke still isn't capable of taking a step outside of his apartment. However, he shares that the man who took him was trusted by everyone within his family. His uncle abused that trust. That has left Zeke with life-altering issues. He still has purpose. He builds on this connection with the rest of the team. They each deserve to know the truth. It's complicated because Trent knows Gabi is hiding something. He is worried about her. She has the potential to avoid criminal punishment after Dhan cleans up the crime scene. He still misses a spot. Sir's influence extends in far-reaching corners of this world. Gabi is never truly free from him. She hopes to release this burden by confiding in her friends. They are each left devastated. It's a betrayal of their trust. The darkness inflected her. They worry what that means for them and their individual progress made over the season. Plus, danger still lurks nearby.

Sir promised Gabi he would kill Lacey if he was ever free again. This confinement offered him answers as to what happened to Bella. He believed she was responsible for the disruption to his perfect family. That's how things played out in his twisted mind. He grew closer to Gabi once more. He provided a lead that the entire team could focus on. Dasheka was reunited with her family after months because Sir made that observation. And now, he spies on Lacey from within her closet. He poisoned her dog. She wonders who could possibly do such a horrible thing. She's furious with Gabi. She lets out her frustration on the items in her apartment. She still doesn't answer Gabi's call. Her friend is trying to warn her about the threat. It may be too late. Sir is ready to strike whenever he wants. The security of numerous locks is no longer good enough. Lacey's privacy is invaded once more. It's all a consequence of Gabi's actions. Gabi thought she was responsible at one point for Sir taking Bella too. Sir deserves all the blame. However, Gabi isn't innocent of the danger happening in the present. She invited this threat in. She can't control it. She never could. Sir was always too dangerous. He will aim to carefully manipulate the situation. That's the only way he can safely maintain his dependence on Gabi while still striving to enact his vengeance once more on someone he deems disruptive and inferior. That's dismissive of all that Lacey has become. She's still burdened by the threat from Sir. She has accomplished so much in the hopes of helping the woman who saved her. Now, that trust is gone at the precise moment when she needs it the most.