Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Casting News - Matthew Goode, Chloe Pirrie and Kelly Macdonald to Star in Netflix's 'Department Q'; Plus 4 More Updates!

Casting News - February 6, 2024

AMC's Mayfair Witches; Disney+'s Daredevil: Born Again; MGM+'s Emperor of Ocean Park; Netflix's Department Q; and Paramount+'s Criminal Minds: Evolution.

  • Matthew Goode, Chloe Pirrie, Alexej Manvelov, Kelly Macdonald and Leah Byrne will star in the upcoming drama created by Scott Frank and Chandni Lakhani. Goode previously starred for three seasons in Sky's A Discovery of Witches. Pirrie starred in the FX limited series Under the Banner of Heaven. Manvelov starred for two seasons in the Swedish drama Top Dog. Macdonald starred in the sixth season of BBC One's Line of Duty. Byrne guest starred on BBC One's Call the Midwife.
  • Goode will play DCI Carl Morck. Brilliant but impossible, the detective has his life turned upside down after a violent incident leaves his partner paralyzed and an officer dead. Upon his return to work, he is tasked with setting up Department Q - a new cold case department, which is little more than a PR exercise. At first, being sidelined suits Carl; he's happy to waste his days playing solitaire and skiving. Yet over the course of the series, Carl's detective instincts are reawakened, and his new department down in the basement becomes an unlikely magnet for the misfits and mavericks of Chief Super, Moira's police team.
  • Pirrie will play Merritt Lingard, a ruthless and ambitious prosecutor, who has quickly risen the ranks in the Crown Office. She had a troubled childhood, raised by her absent father on the Isle of Mull. But after her brother William suffered a severe brain injury, she turned her life around and dedicated her life to him, whilst striving for justice in her role as prosecutor. However, in the wake of the biggest case of her career, Merritt decides she needs to make a change. As a result, Merritt and Carl's paths collide.
  • Manvelov will play Akram Salim, an officer in the Syrian police force when civil war broke out. He decided to flee to Europe with his family. Unable to work as a cop in the UK, he petitions for work at Edinburgh's police station, becoming Carl's assistant. He keeps his past life in Syria private, but as the series goes on, Carl realizes he's underestimated his new partner.
  • Macdonald will play Dr. Rachel Irving, the therapist charged with getting officers back on the front line. She's smart, and she soon gets the measure of Carl, his trauma and his superiority complex. Intrigued by one another, the two develop a deeper connection across the series.
  • Byrne will play Rose, a top police cadet with a promising future in the force. But a mental health related breakdown during her first year as a detective constable has left her on shaky ground. Demoted to a desk job, the stigma has followed her ever since. She appeals to Carl in his new department down in the basement for a chance to prove herself once again.
  • The cast also features Mark Bonnar (Shetland, Guilt) as Stephen, Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter, Tom Jones) as Clare Marsh, Jamie Sives (Guilt, Annika) as DS Hardy, and Kate Dickie (Loki, The Northman) as Moira.
  • Alyssa Jirrels, Ted Levine and Thora Birch have landed recurring roles on the drama's upcoming second season. Jirrels previously starred in Paramount+'s one-season drama Fatal Attraction. Levine starred for eight seasons in USA's Monk and its follow-up movie on Peacock. Birch recurred on AMC's The Walking Dead and USA's Colony.
  • Jirrels will play Moira Mayfair, Rowan's (Alexandria Daddario) cousin and a mind reader, who blames the family and Lasher (Jack Huston) for the death of her sister Tessa (Madison Wolfe).
  • Levine will play Julien Mayfair, Cortland's (Harry Hamlin) father, a master manipulator and diabolical presence that haunts the family.
  • Birch will play Gifford Mayfair, a self-deprecating tarot card reader and wannabe-bohemian who lately spends a lot of time at her lake house.
  • Genneya Walton has joined the cast of the upcoming drama starring Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio. She previously starred in Netflix's one-season comedy #BlackAF. She also recurred on FOX's 9-1-1 and Netflix's Never Have I Ever.
  • No details were immediately announced about the character she will be playing. 
  • Ryan-James Hatanaka has been promoted to series regular for the drama's upcoming second season - the 17th of the franchise overall. He previously recurred in the first season - appearing in seven episodes total. Elsewhere, he recurred on NBC's Nurses and The CW's Nancy Drew.
  • He plays Tyler Green, a former army intelligence officer who infiltrated the serial killer network created by Elias Voit (Zach Gilford). In the new season, the BAU recruits Tyler as a consultant, utilizing his psychological operations training on their latest season-long investigation.
  • Henry Simmons, Bryan Greenberg, Torrey Hanson, Ora Jones and Jasmine Batchelor have booked recurring roles on the upcoming drama starring Grantham Coleman and Tiffany Mack. Simmons previously starred for six seasons in ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and in the second season of OWN's Cherish the Day. Greenberg recurred on Hulu's The Mindy Project and Amazon's The Tick. Hanson recurred on FOX's The Exorcist and NBC's Chicago Med. Jones recurred on HBO's Somebody Somewhere and AMC's 61st Street. Batchelor recurred on NBC's New Amsterdam and NBC's Law & Order: SVU.
  • Simmons will play Addison Garland. Greenberg will play Howard Denton. Hanson will play Jack Ziegler. Jones will play Claire Garland. Batchelor will play Maxine.