Thursday, May 30, 2024

Casting News - Bill Skasgård to Reprise 'It' Role on 'Welcome to Derry'; Jay Ellis Joins 'Running Point'; Plus 3 More Updates!

Casting News - May 30, 2024

Amazon's Haven & We Were Liars; Hulu's UnPrisoned; Max's Welcome to Derry; and Netflix's Running Point.

  • Jay Ellis has booked a recurring role on the upcoming comedy starring Kate Hudson. He previously starred for four seasons in BET's The Game and four seasons in HBO's Insecure.
  • He will play Jay Brown, a former celebrated player and the seasoned head coach of the Waves whose zen-like approach has led the team to multiple championships.
  • Bill Skarsgård will reprise his role from the It film franchise in the upcoming prequel from Jason Fuchs and Andy Muschietti. In addition to the two feature films in the franchise, he has also starred in the films Barbarian, John Wick: Chapter 4 and Boy Kills World. He will next star in the upcoming films The Crow and Nosferatu.
  • He plays It/Pennywise. No details were announced about how the character will appear in the series.
  • Andrew Koji has landed a recurring role on the upcoming drama starring Sophie Turner, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd and Archie Madekwe. He previously starred for three seasons in Cinemax/Max's Warrior. He will next star in the upcoming third season of Sky Atlantic's Gangs of London and in Netflix's upcoming drama Black Doves.
  • He will play Daniel Yoshida, a financial investigator who was brought on. to help Rhys (Fortune-Lloyd) and Ellie with their investigation. The son of chip shop-owning immigrant parents, he rose to riches when he became a high-flying investment banker at JP Morgan. After becoming disillusioned with the unchecked privilege and dirty money that surrounded him, he gave it all up to work with the police on financial crimes.
  • John Stamos is set for a recurring role on the comedy's upcoming second season. He previously starred for eight seasons in ABC's Full House, three seasons in NBC's ER and two seasons in Disney+'s Big Shot
  • He will play Murphy, a best-selling author and self-proclaimed "family radical healing coach." He is a half-guru/half-reality star, cut to the chase type therapist who believes in telling people straight up what's wrong with them.
  • Wendy Crewson, Emily Alyn Lind, Shubham Maheshwari, Esther McGregor and Joseph Zada have joined the cast of the upcoming drama starring Mamie Gummer, Caitlin FitzGerald and Candice King. Crewson previously starred for two seasons in CTV's Saving Hope and recently recurred on CBS' Tracker. Lind starred for one season in CBS' Code Black and two seasons in Max's Gossip Girl. Maheshwari will make his acting debut on the series. McGregor starred in Freevee's one-season drama High School. Zada recurred on the Australian drama Total Control.
  • Crewson will play Tipper Sinclair, Harris' (David Morse) wife and mother to Carrie (Gummer), Penny (FitzGerald) and Bess (King). She is a study in contradiction - she's just as likely to be found perfecting a pie recipe as she is heading up a philanthropic board meeting. She was born into a life of extraordinary privilege and married accordingly, so her polish and poise is innate, but time and Pinot Grigio have softened her into the living (but firm) matriarch she is today.
  • Lind will play Cadence, the revered eldest granddaughter of the Sinclair dynasty. Effortlessly clever and adventurous, she has a knack for dramatic storytelling. She falls in love for the first time during an idyllic, dreamy summer with her best friends on her family's private island in New England... blissfully unaware that just a year later, she will be a shell of her former self - sharp-edged, plagued by migraines, and unable to remember the events that lead to her frightening traumatic brain injury. In her pursuit of answers, Cadence is about to unravel everything she's been raised to believe about the Sinclair family's fairytale lore.
  • Maheshwari will play Gat. Thoughtful, ambitious and intelligent, he is a New York City kid with an edge - so he can't help but feel a bit out of place amongst Martha's Vineyard's cashmere-and-gingham elite. That said, he returns to Beechwood Island, year after year, unable to resist spending summers with his best friend... who he's been pining for since before he knew what pining is. This year, she finally seems to be reciprocating his feelings - but the timing couldn't be worse, because Gat now has a secret that could drive her away forever.
  • McGregor will play Mirren. Wickedly funny and keenly observant, she is a study in contradiction. She's an artist who is too worried about being perfect to color outside the lines. She craves new experiences, but clings to childhood like a safety blanket. She's dying to loser her virginity... but refuses to do anything she isn't absolutely sure she'll excel at on the first try. However, when she inadvertently stumbles across a scandalous family secret, she is catapulted out of her comfort zone... ready or not.
  • Zada will play Johnny. Charismatic, dirty-minded and occasionally reckless, he is the ringleader of his friends' more mischievous adventures. He moves through life like he's invincible - after all, he's never met a problem his emotional support Amex can't solve. This summer, he's about to collide with accountability for the very first time. Suffice it to say he's not a fan.