Monday, July 1, 2024

AppleTV+ Orders Limited Series 'The Dispatcher' Starring Patrick Brammall

AppleTV+ has today given a series order to the original limited series The Dispatcher starring Patrick Brammall (Evil, Colin From Accounts). The series will produce six episodes.

Based on the novel by Ryan David Jahn, the life of police detective Ian Hunt (Brammall) fell apart ten years ago when his young daughter Maggie disappeared without a trace. Now working as a police dispatcher, the only thing that has kept him going is his implacable refusal to accept that she might be gone forever. When he receives a distress call from a young girl he is certain is Maggie, he will stop at nothing to find her and reunite his broken family, whatever the cost.

Kris Mrksa developed the series. He executive produces with Jamie Laurenson, Hakan Kousetta and Joanna Werner. 60Forty Films and Werner Film Productions will produce.