Sunday, April 22, 2012

'The Good Wife' Review - 3.21 The Penalty Box

        In the newest episode of CBS' The Good Wife, Alicia and Diane defend a judge against misconduct charges stemming from his days as a prosecutor. Meanwhile, Cary makes a career decision and Kalinda and Alicia deal with the repercussions of Agent Delaney's investigation.

        Overall this was another enjoyable hour of The Good Wife but the majority of the great moments to see were in the B and C plot lines. Don't get me wrong, the defense of Judge Cuesta was a great and unique case but its details just didn't drive it solidly as the A story as well as others in the past - especially considering it just aired after two knock-out episodes. Judge Cuesta has always been one of the most beloved judges on this show since the pilot but there was just something with the case against him that didn't feel invigorating. The twists, while always welcomed, didn't feel too out-there as they typically do - which I guess is a good thing but it was just different than normal.
        Also in this hour, Cary decided to come back to Lockhart/Gardner after losing respect at the State's Attorney's Office upon his demotion. Over the past two seasons, Cary on the opposing side give things a much interesting dynamic throughout all of the characters. However, it also limited his character development as he was no longer where the action was primarily taking place. Hopefully tonight was not the last of fun Cary-Peter interactions as they have been a real highlight from the third season but also moving forward I'm eager to see more from him as the sly defense attorney.
        Kalinda once again pulled out all of the stops with sex and the show continues to push against the boundaries of the network standards. That scene with her and Agent Delaney was intense! Lemond Bishop also returned first to have a meeting with Will and then to pretty much threaten Kalinda that if she doesn't get the FBI to back away from him, he'll kill her. Things are definitely heating up on all sides with this investigation and its outcome should prove to be captivating to watch.
        Finally, the collective screams and shouts of delight was definitely heard tonight at the closing scene when Alicia turned that chair around for Kalinda - and they had some tequila shots (probably!)

Side Notes:
  • Nice to see some show knows how to use Mike Colter, huh Ringer.
  • "The city's biggest drug lord and the city's most respected judge in the same waiting area." Cut to the two of them in an elevator plus Eli! This show sure knows how to one-up itself.
  • Speaking of Eli, his little moments with Howard were cute and were the obvious lighter moments of the episode but I thought it was a good thing they just kept it brief.
  • It seems Will has found himself in a new relationship. After the whole Alicia thing at the start of the season, I do feel like this is an appropriate time for him to go at it with someone else. Not quite sure how I feel about Callie as a character yet.