Saturday, April 28, 2012

'Law & Order: SVU' Review - 13.19 Street Revenge

        In the newest episode of NBC's Law & Order: SVU, a string of rapes in West Soho inspires a group of vigilantes to organize against both neighborhood crime and the NYPD. While a reporter takes every opportunity to publicly criticize police efforts, the SVU squad struggles to find a lead in the case until one of the vigilantes is attacked. As the other detectives fight for control over the investigation and angry citizens, Amaro is distracted by the suspicion that his wife is seeing another man.

My thoughts below in bulleted format - due to the lateness of the review.
  • Danny Pino has been a welcome addition over the course of the season. His personal story with his wife is interesting to see and unique. Some say everything is too reminiscent of Stabler but I see them as two separate variations on family issues.
  • The case in this episode had many different elements too it but they all kind of worked together. There were some moments of 'Huh? What's going on?" But for the most part, every aspect was easy to follow along with.
  • The crowd control was one of the most interesting aspects of the case.
  • I was fully expecting the reporter to have a much bigger connection to the case than simply producing a letter that the detectives never really got.
  • Vigilantes as superheroes is a little more light in nature than the usual gruesomeness of the cases on this series. It did feel different in tone which didn't make it bad just different.
  • Mariska took a much smaller role in this episode. It really wasn't that noticeable during the scenes she wasn't in. But when she did appear, it felt like "Oh, yeah, we haven't been watching her lead this case... okay!"
  • The confrontation scene between Amaro and his wife was so beautifully done! Well done, Danny and Laura Benanti. I'm hoping that we'll continue to see plenty of Mrs. Amaro in the future considering Laura has a new comedy for fall (Matthew Perry's Go On on NBC).
  • Is it me or has it been awhile since we saw Richard Belzer onscreen? Nevertheless, he was as witty as usual in this episode - plus he's suppose to be in the next two installments as well!